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Though he feels kindly towards woodsmen, elves, and others who share his respect for nature, he has little patience for those who would exploit the wilderness for gain or spite.

A Guardian constantly monitors the region he has sworn to protect. He scrutinizes the activity of strangers, advises travelers, and intercepts careless hunters. He keeps an eye out for ires, loods, and other natural disasters, and does what he can to comfort animals in times of crisis.

All Guardians have a specific region that they protect. The DM should establish the boundaries of a Guardian's domain at the beginning of his career. There are no fixed rules for assigning domains, but in general, a 1st level Guardian's domain shouldn't exceed a few square miles. The domain expands by several square miles each time the Guardian increases in level. By 5th level, a Guardian's domain might encompass a region about 20-25 miles across. By 15th level or higher, the domain might comprise an area the size of a small country.

A Guardian's domain should correspond to his primary terrain. The domain is typically located in an uncivilized part of the world, such as a remote mountain range or unexplored jungle. Two or more Guardians may share an especially large domain, but such cases are rare.

Standard. Forest, Hill, Jungle, Mountain, or Plains. A Guardian operates of his own volition, having no official sanction or title. He carries out his custodial duties as he sees fit, taking whatever steps he deems necessary to protect his domain. Despite his independence, he usually maintains good working relationships with officials of bordering lands. The relationship benefits both parties. The Guardian notifies the officials of approaching armies or other potential threats, while the officials may provide help for problems the Guardian can't handle alone. Though many governments would jump at the chance to have such able warriors in their employ, Guardians resist all such offers, and steadfastly maintain their autonomy.

An adventuring party entering a Guardian's domain has a good chance of encountering the Guardian himself. A Guardian will usually agree to guide a party through his domain and--presuming the party's intentions are compatible with the Guardian's philosophy--assist them in their efforts. Though a Guardian is reluctant to leave his domain, he may do so if presented with a compelling reason, such as the ravaging of a pristine wilderness or a threat to the ecology in another land.

Guardians tend to be self-suf icient, clear-headed, and conscientious. They make excellent leaders. Though a Guardian may develop deep friendships with other party members, he always parts company at the end of an adventure, returning to his domain as soon as he can.

Bowyer/Fletcher, Farmer, Fisher, Hunter, Trapper/Furrier, Woodworker/Carpenter.

Bow (any) or crossbow (any), dagger,

javelin, knife, quarterstaff, sling, spear, staff sling. Hunting or Fishing.


Bowyer/Fletcher, Fire-building, Fishing, Foraging*, Herbalism, Hunting, Riding (Land- based), Rope Use, Set Snares, Swimming, Veterinary Healing*, Weather Sense.

Standard. Any.

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