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treasure found. But more often than not, a freelance Justifier will join a party without remuneration if their task is just and promises him the chance to exercise his combat skills.

A Justi ier's companions will ind him disciplined, focused, and unyielding in his determination to accomplish his objectives. He socializes little, preferring instead to keep his body strong with punishing exercise and his mind sharp with quiet meditation. A natural leader in combat situations, he ights with grim intensity and fearless perseverance.

Armorer, Bowyer/Fletcher, Forester, Hunter, Trapper/Furrier, Weaponsmith.

Bow (any), crossbow (any), dagger, sling, spear, sword (any). See Special Bonuses.

Survival; in addition to having this pro iciency in his primary terrain, the Justifier receives the proficiency in an extra terrain of his choice

(see also, Special Hindrances).

Alertness*, Blind- ighting,

Bowyer/Fletcher, Camouflage*, Endurance, Falconry*, Hunting, Mountaineering, Navigation, Riding (Land-based), Rope Use, Running, Set Snares, Swimming, Weaponsmithing.

A Justifier has no special armor or equipment requirements. Though most Justifiers prefer light armor, such as leather, they can wear any type of armor and still hide in shadows and move silently. Refer to Table 13: Optional Armor Adjustments in Chapter 1 for adjustments to success chances.

Any. A Justifier is more respected by his enemies than other rangers, and therefore suffers only a -2 penalty on encounter reactions with his species enemy, and no penalty if there is a formal truce.


Because of his extensive combat training, the Justi ier must use some of his initial proficiency slots to take one weapon specialization (see Chapter 5

of the recommended weapons.

). The weapon of specialization is taken from the list of

The Justifier receives a +5% bonus to his chance of hiding in natural surroundings and to his chance of moving silently.

This ability allows the Justi ier and his companions to gain a combat advantage by studying the enemy and exploiting their weaknesses. The Justi ier must spend at least a full, uninterrupted turn secretly observing an enemy or group of enemies prior to making an attack. At the end of this period, the Justifier makes a Wisdom check. If successful, the Justifier has correctly assessed the enemy's weaknesses and is able to maximize the timing of an attack. The Justi ier and his party automatically surprise the enemy and gain the initiative for the first round. A Justifier can attempt to gain a tactical advantage only once in a particular encounter.

When ighting with his bare hands, the Justi ier in licts 1-4 points of damage on a successful attack roll. If the Justifier throws an unmodified 20 on his attack roll, the victim suffers 1-4 points of damage and must also make a saving throw vs. paralyzation. If the throw fails, the victim is stunned for 1-6 rounds.

The Justi ier can use this ability, in conjunction with a trained

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