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A Mountain Man must have a minimum Strength of 14 and a minimum Constitution of 15. The Mountain Man cannot be a full elf.

Mountains. Mountain Men value privacy more than comfort. Accordingly, they make their homes in secluded caves or crude shacks hidden in remote mountain ranges. Many are nomadic, wandering from place to place with their possessions strapped to their backs, or carried by a bear or other loyal animal follower. They have little need for money, but occasionally procure goods from traveling salesmen or small town merchants, bartering with fur or hides.

Even the most stubbornly independent Mountain Man hankers for human companionship now and then, which is one of the reasons he might agree to hook up with an adventuring party. Faced with a problem too formidable for him to tackle alone--such as an encroachment from an enemy army or an infestation of powerful monsters--a Mountain Man may seek out an agreeable party to lend him a hand.

The Mountain Man speaks his mind openly and directly, regardless of who he might offend. Etiquette is hardly his strong suit, nor is personal hygiene. While some party members may ind the Mountain Man's straightforward approach to life refreshing, or even endearing, most will probably view him as an unsophisticated brute, gruff and ill- mannered. Some Mountain Men have a crude sense of humor that compels them to play adolescent practical jokes, such as leaving bear droppings in a companion's sleeping bag. The Mountain Man has little interest in art or philosophy, but is a natural storyteller and loves to tell outlandishly embellished tales--often of his own exploits. He approaches combat much as he does the other elements of his life, attacking with vigor.

Bowyer/Fletcher, Fisher, Forester, Hunter, Miner, Trapper/Furrier. A Mountain Man must choose his initial weapon pro iciencies from among the following: axe (any), bow (any), crossbow (any), club, dagger, dart, javelin, knife, quarterstaff, spear, staff sling, warhammer.

Mountaineering. Required: Hunting. Alertness*, Endurance, Fire-building, Foraging, Mining, Running, Set

Snares, Signaling*, Trail Marking*, Trail Signs*, Weather Sense.


Armorer, Blacksmithing, Boating*, Bowyer/Fletcher (included in the special Weaponsmithing bonus, described below), Charioteering, Engineering, Etiquette, Falconry*, Heraldry, Navigation, Reading/Writing, Seamanship, Spellcraft.

The Mountain Man also receives Weaponsmithing (Crude) as a bonus proficiency. He is restricted to making the weapons listed in Table 47, and can only make weapons in which he is proficient. He uses stones, wood, and other naturally available materials, so these weapons are made at no cost. This proficiency can't be improved; that is, assigning additional slots to Crude Weaponsmithing has no effect.

If a weapon made of stone or bone scores a hit, roll 1d6. A stone weapon shatters on a roll of 1; a bone weapon shatters on a roll of 1 or 2 (as per




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