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Axe, Battle

4 days

Axe, Hand

1 day

Axe, Throwing

6 days

Bow, Long*

15 days

Bow, Short

12 days


2 days




1 day


2 days


1 day


2 days

Staff Sling

3 days


5 days

*Seasoning the wood takes 1 year.

A Mountain Man begins his career with any two weapons in which he has a weapon proficiency. He receives these weapons at no charge. These weapons are handmade. Once his career is begun, the Mountain Man may manufacture additional weapons in accordance with the rules for his Crude Weaponsmithing proficiency. He may also use weapons he obtains from his companions or other sources.

A Mountain Man normally doesn't wear armor. Instead, he wears a handmade suit of leather and fur which gives him an Armor Class of 8. A Mountain Man often decorates his suit with dyed porcupine quills or strings of colorful pebbles. He sometimes adds bone necklaces, elaborate leather fringes, or a hat made of beaver or raccoon skin.

Though not strictly forbidden from wearing metal armor, a Mountain Man is so uncomfortable when doing so that he suffers a -2 penalty to all attack rolls.

Any. A Mountain Man has only a 20% chance of attracting human, demihuman, or humanoid followers. Treat a roll of 81-00 as a bear (type determined by DM: usually black, brown, or cave). Any followers rolled as full elves will be dwarves instead (except for full elf mages, who will instead be gnome illusionists).

Where others would submit to death, the hardy Mountain Man clings to life ferociously. This ability manifests itself in the following ways:

  • 

    If missing a saving throw vs. death magic would be fatal, the Mountain Man receives a +2 saving throw bonus.

  • 

    If a damage roll would reduce the Mountain Man to zero hit points or less, the Mountain Man makes a Constitution check. If the check succeeds, he is reduced to 1 hit point. A Mountain Man cannot use this ability if he has only 1 hit point remaining.

  • 

    If an encounter results in the death of a Mountain Man, he may not die

immediately. If he makes a

roll, he fights on for another 1-4 rounds

or until he suffers damage below -10 hit points equal to his level, whichever occurs first. He then drops dead. When a Mountain Man reaches 7th level, he gains the ability to brew a special healing elixir. He must spend 1-4 hours gathering the necessary fresh

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