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It's tough being a ranger. The requirements are high, among the most demanding of any character class.

Strength Dexterity Constitution Wisdom

13 13 14 14

Strength Dexterity Wisdom

Human Elf Half- elf

Lawful good Neutral good Chaotic good

As any player knows who's tried to roll up a ranger using the standard method

(Method I, that is, described in Chapter 1 of the

), the dice seldom

cooperate. In fact, it's just about impossible to generate the high die-rolls required for a ranger by this method. Method II isn't much better, and though Methods III and IV improve the chances somewhat, the odds are hardly favorable. Only by using Methods V and VI do you have a fighting chance of rolling up a ranger from scratch. Not all Dungeon Masters allow these alternative methods, effectively restricting the number of rangers in their campaigns to a tiny minority. Players wanting ranger characters may find such restrictions frustrating, but remember that good DMs usually have their reasons for imposing these limitations. Perhaps rangers aren't prevalent in the campaign world, or he may feel that rangers will introduce problems of balance; rangers are, after all, a most formidable character class.

However, if your DM is agreeable to having rangers in his campaign, Table 2 is a quick way to generate ranger ability scores. Roll 1d12 and use the statistics indicated.

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