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The fish immediately submerge; the offer is rejected. From dawn to sunrise the following day, the ranger suffers a -1 penalty to all attack rolls and ability checks. The ish swim listlessly in circles for a few moments, then submerge; the offer is neither rejected nor accepted. The ranger is unaffected. The fish dive and splash excitedly for a few moments, then submerge; the offer is accepted. The parliament grants the ranger a boon within their power.

A Sea Ranger's chance of tracking in non-Aquatic terrain is halved.

The Sea Ranger has neither of these abilities, replacing them with Sea Legs and Aquatic Combat.

Devoted to spiritual awareness and self-enlightenment, the Seeker's deep beliefs affect him more than any other elements of his life. The Seeker seeks ful illment by following the tenets of his faith and striving to understand the relationship between himself and the natural world. He views animal followers as fellow travelers on his spiritual journey.

Seekers can come from any culture, but typically originate from societies placing a premium on religion and scholarship. Many Seekers begin their spiritual quests as students of priests. Others are self-taught philosophers or restless academicians hungry for knowledge that can't be learned from books. Regardless of their background, all Seekers have felt compelled to embark on a wilderness pilgrimage that may last the rest of their lives.

No particular religion is common to all Seekers. Some worship specific gods, while others venerate nature itself as an unknowable but all-encompassing force. All Seekers, however share a reverence for life and a philosophy that embodies discipline, and personal responsibility, and self-sacrifice.

A Seeker must have a Wisdom score of 15 or more. A particular religion may impose additional requirements, as determined by the DM.

Any. Good people of all cultures tend to look favorably on Seekers. At worst, Seekers are dismissed as useless but harmless eccentrics. More often, they're regarded as sensitive seekers of truth, admired and respected for their devotion. Priests of compatible alignment are especially deferential to Seekers; even if such a priest follows a different belief system, he recognizes that the Seeker shares his veneration of a higher power.

Though Seekers generally prefer solitude, they constantly seek opportunities to broaden their outlook and stimulate spiritual insight. For these reasons, they may join adventuring parties solely for the promise of new experiences. Moral considerations also motivate Seekers; parties can sometimes recruit Seekers by appealing to their sense of justice.

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