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Areas overseen by Wardens vary by size and geography, depending on their overlords' holdings and interests. A Warden may be in charge of a game reserve or oversee a parcel of farmland. He may supervise a private park, or be responsible for undeveloped property in the mountains or desert. The size of a guarded land may range from a few square miles for Wardens just beginning their careers, to vast estates for high- level Wardens. Generally, as a Warden's experience increases, so do the boundaries of the land he supervises.

As a representative of a greater lord, a Warden is required to deal diplomatically with a variety people from all walks of life. Therefore, a Warden must have a minimum Charisma of 12. A Warden cannot be of chaotic alignment.

: Any, though Forest and Plains are the most common. The primary terrain should correspond to the area the Warden is first assigned to supervise.

In most societies, Wardens occupy positions of modest status, comparable to those of mid-level bureaucrats or well-to-do merchants. Some are members of the military, but more often, they're aides to government of icials or af luent civilians. Wardens tend to hold the same job for life.

A Warden serves his lord with the loyalty of a good soldier. He tends to be fastidious in his behavior and strictly law-abiding, which also makes him a bit in lexible. To most Wardens, rules are rules, and there's not much middle ground.

When an adventuring party enters a Warden's guarded area, he may agree to assist them for the sake of expediency; the sooner the party leaves his area, the sooner things will get back to normal. Conversely, a Warden may seek out a party to help with a particularly difficult task, such as ridding the guarded area of destructive creatures or locating a treatment for a crop disease. Depending on the circumstances, a Warden may journey anywhere in the world; he is not bound to remain in his guarded area. However, a Warden will not undertake any adventure without direct orders from, or with the express permission of his overlord.

Other members of an adventuring party may find a Warden to be cordial but distant. A Warden's loyalties lie primarily with his overlord, not with his companions, and this can create stress for party members who insist on comradeship. Some Wardens are also prone to homesickness; the further an expedition takes him from his guarded area, the more anxious and sullen he may become.

Nevertheless, a Warden's dedication and professionalism can only enhance a party's effectiveness. Many comply unwaveringly with orders from the party leader, offer pointed advice when needed, and fight courageously on the battlefield.

Armorer, Bowyer/Fletcher, Farmer, Forester, Groom, Weaponsmith, Woodworker/Carver.

Bow (any), crossbow (any), quarterstaff, pole arm (any), spear, sword (any).

Agriculture, Carpentry, Engineering, Etiquette, Falconry*, Heraldry, Hunting, Languages (Modern), Reading/Writing, Riding (Land-based), Stone Masonry.

Wardens have no special armor or equipment requirements. Depending on the affluence and generosity of the overlord, Wardens may have access to the finest equipment money can buy, such as gem-studded shields and onyx-tipped arrows. As a rule, Wardens take meticulous care of their gear, spending much of their

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