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free time honing their blades to razor-edge sharpness, and polishing their armor until it gleams like silver. Wardens affiliated with the government may wear elaborate uniforms emblazoned with medals, ribbons, and other service commendations.

Any, though the species enemy is often a creature that plagues the Warden's guarded land or torments his overlord (in human lands, this is likely to be brigands).


A Warden in good standing with his overlord receives a monthly stipend commensurate with his responsibilities and experience. Warden salaries average 30-50 gp per month, plus a monthly bonus of 10 gp times the Warden's level.

When undertaking an expedition on behalf of his overlord, the Warden may receive a small stipend to cover his expenses. A typical stipend ranges from 100-500 gp, depending on the length of the expedition, the level of the Warden, and the generosity of the overlord. The Warden may spend these funds only on goods and services directly relating to the success of the expedition. In lieu of money, the Warden may receive loan of a mount, weapons, or equipment necessary for the undertaking.

Once per year, the Warden can ask the overlord for a boon. It is traditional that this be granted insofar as the resources of the overlord (and the judgement of the DM) allow, although exceptionally greedy or ill-considered requests will reflect badly upon the Warden.

Reaction Bonus: When representing his overlord, a Warden receives a +2 bonus to his reaction checks with all good and neutral characters of high social status (including aristocrats, government officials, and affluent citizens), regardless of their culture or whether he's met them before.

A Warden is held fully accountable for any actions that may reflect badly on his overlord. Should the Warden break the law, insult a noble, or otherwise behave improperly, his overlord will demand an explanation. An unsatisfactory explanation will result in a reprimand at best, and termination of his job at worst. A terminated Warden is forced to abandon this kit, suffering all of the penalties described in the Abandoning Kits section elsewhere in this chapter.

If a Warden receives expenses (as detailed in his Special Benefits), he must make a full accounting of his expenditures and return any excess funds at the conclusion of his expedition. Should a discrepancy be discovered, the Warden may be fined or imprisoned. If he's been given special equipment instead of or in addition to expenses, all items must be returned in good condition. Otherwise, money may be deducted from the Warden's stipend to replace them, or the overlord may confiscate an equivalent amount of the Warden's goods.

A Warden is always subject to orders from his overlord. Some orders are critical, others trivial, but all must be followed in order for the Warden to remain in good standing. Failure to comply with an order may result in a variety of penalties, ranging from ines to termination of employment.

An overlord may require the Warden to carry out a special order in conjunction with his primary assignment, or a Warden may receive burdensome duties as part of his regular job. In all cases, the DM decides when the overlord makes a special demand, the

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