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Nissan 350Z Twin Turbo (430 bhp) Fast &Furious-Tokyo Drift ORIGINAL FILM CAR!!! - page 2 / 41





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in the film. This particular car was used in drift scenes and other high speed footage. Full documentation to prove it's passage to and from the USA for filming is held on file - for one lucky owner to keep, as proof his investment is 100% genuine. As you walk up to this car, you can't help but be gobsmacked by Yokomaku San's tallents in styling & tuning. This car has incredible presence. It takes any pre-conceptions of awe inspiring s t y l i n g y o u m a y h a v e , r i p s t h e m a p a r t a n d d r o p s y o u r j a w t o t h e g r o u n d a s y o u w a l k a r o u n d i t

drooling. Having just completed a complete bodywork restoration to crazy levels of perfection, the

b o d y w o r k a n d a c c o m p a n y i n g a r t w o r k i s a b s o l u t e l y f l a w l e s s . I n q u e s t f o r p e r f e c t i o n , N e w e r a

commissioned an entire specialist respray with many layers followed by deep coats of laquer to create a stunning level of finish before laying complete new high-quality decals of original one-off Veilside design. The view of the front of the car is fabulously evil. If you ever saw this car in your rear view mirror you'd want to pull in just to see it go by... Veilside front bumper's centre is filled entirely by a massive APS intercooler, which feeds cooled air from the twin turbos to the intake. The wide arches accentuated by deep skirts and stunning deep dish wheels certainly aren't shy & offer a hint of the supercar slaying ability lurking under the hood. Veilside's carbon blade rear spoiler & bumper give more hints of the performance available with the lower diffuser housing a large bore twin exit Magnaflow full stainless exhaust system. The wheels chosen for the Drift King 350Z are none other than 19" Andrew Premier Series Racing Evolution 5's. These are a massive 11" wide at the rear & 9.5" at the front, to provide for an impressive deep-dish effect. The total value of Veilside genuine bodykit is £5,000. Wheels (Now discontinued) cost a stagering £3,500 new (Without tyres). The paintjob & sticker set a further £5,500. This is a £14K exterior remake

before we even go into the interior or tuning work done on the car (Which cost in excess of this figure). Having starred as Drift King's car in the movie and being the only high power version built, it's no surprise to find the interior has been subject to equally serious treatment. Out went the stock 350Z seats replaced by genuine FIA approved Sparco Evo racing buckets with composite shells & a Sparco suede & leather steering wheel. Sparco 4 point harnesses are also included to hold the occupants in position. A Cusco Safety 21 eleven point roll cage provides D1 Street Legal levels of occupant protection, whilst original option equipment includes a full Bose sound system with CD multichanger, TV and navigation (Conversion required to work in Europe), Climate Control A/C and all usual high specification of a full GT spec. model 350Z. Note the brakes are Brembo items at each corner too. Neatly installed at the rear is a NOS polished alloy bottle. With more than enough power available this is currently this is not connected - But could easily be added if tuning work is desired by the new owner. There's also a line lock system to enable perfect doughnuts /


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