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Nissan 350Z Twin Turbo (430 bhp) Fast &Furious-Tokyo Drift ORIGINAL FILM CAR!!! - page 3 / 41





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burnouts to be performed on a six-pence when provoked. As you lift the lightweight carbon hood you're greeted by a bespoke carbon engine cover combined with a very neat power installation. Performance modifications include an APS (Air Power Systems) Twin turbo conversion which is a complete package giving an increase in power from 280 to 430 bhp & 420 lb ft. The APS conversion is complete and very well executed. Cold air drawn from behind the vents on the front bumper is first filtered by twin high flow filters then fed to each turbo via polished stainless steel TIG welded piping and high pressure silicone hose. Twin Garrett water cooled turbos mated to bespoke cast iron exhaust manifolds compress the air then feed it via APS's DR series Bar & Plate front mount intercooler to the intake. At the intake manifold fuel is fed to the combustion chambers of the 3.5 litre 24 valve Variable Valve Timing V6 Engine via an uprated fuel pump, regulator and larger than std. injectors. The APS system even includes a bespoke injector loom, to avoid the need for cutting into the original wiring. Engine control is via

the APS custom mapped plugs in management system. There's a high capacity replacement alloy oil pan with oil return ports from each turbo. APS even added a race spec high volume twin vent blow off valve, to keep the turbos spinning as the throttle's released - ready for quick response as power's re-applied. The exhaust system fitted is a stainless steel Magnaflow 2.5 inch system with dual exit 4 inch polished tips. To put the power down squarely for drifting, there's a Nismo 2 plate clutch rated to 600 bhp as well as a Nismo 2 way differential. Suspension is uprated with slightly firmer than standard progressive springs. TRC, SLIP & ABS are currently permanently switched off (So the car can be drifted at will) but this can easily be returned to standard spec. (Via the OBD-II port) as preferred.This car's been fully checked over by Veilside's tuning factory whilst completing it for re-sale and confirmed to be in rude health. During our brief drives of this car in Tokyo (Back to storage after photoshoots for magazines) we found this car to draw admiring looks everywhere!.People in other cars alongside would instantlyu recognise it & wind down their windows to make excited comments and ask about the car, pedestrians stop in their tracks to gawp, and mobile phones are hurriedly pulled out everywhere it goes - to get a shot of the car before it's gone. Despite it's wild looks and available levels of performance, it's easy to drive normally. The clutch is progressive, suspension is comfortable and it behaves impeccably in traffic. A sign of well executed mapping by APS. In any gear it's got bags of torque. From around 2,500 rpm the turbos come to life and give an ever increasing shove that

pins you in your seat all the way to the redline. Release the throttle to change gear and you can hear the blow off valve fluttering. If provoked it will of course drift like in the film but now being a perfect show car - once it was painted & completed we drove it as if we were chaufeuring miss Daisy herself. Make no mistake! This is a stunning one off show car that can be used on the road,


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