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Pop Maxx 12/14 Oz. Popcorn Machine

Operating Instructions

Controls and Their Functions:

  • A.

    Light & Warmer Switch: This switch operates the overhead light and corn deck freshener heat element.

  • B.

    Kettle Stir Motor Switch: This switch operates the popcorn agitator shaft. This switch must be ON at all

times when popcorn (popped and un-popped) exist in the kettle.

C. Kettle Heat Switch: This switch turns on the heat element located in the popcorn kettle.

Amount of Popcorn and Oil:

The Pop Maxx is equipped with a twelve ounce (355 ml) corn measure cup. Gold Medal Products Company recommends the use of flavored and colored coconut oil. Coconut oil does not leave black deposits in the kettle like other oils.

Corn Charge:

12 Oz. (355 ml) or 14 Oz. (414 ml)

Oil Charge:

3.0 Oz. (89 ml) (Use w/ 12 Oz. Popcorn Charge) OR 4.0 Oz. (118 ml) (Use w/ 14 Oz. Popcorn Charge)

Flavacol (Salt):

1 ½ Tablespoon (12 ml)

For easy operation, use authentic Gold Medal Products Company portion pack oil and corn/salt kits. This machine was designed for use with the following portion packs:

Corn/Salt Kit:

Model No. 2037 MegaPop Corn & Salt Kit

Oil Portion Pack:

Model No. 2639 Naks Pop 4 Coconut Oil, 3.8 Oz. (112 ml)

Popping Instructions:

  • 1.

    Turn both the KETTLE HEAT and KETTLE STIR MOTOR switches ON.

  • 2.

    Test pop three (3) kernels of corn and one ounce (1 Oz.) of popping oil. When the kernels pop, the kettle

is ready for use.

  • 3.

    Load both a full corn/oil charge and Flavacol Seasoning Salt into the kettle. Close the lids.

  • 4.

    When the corn has finished popping, gently dump the kettle.

  • 5.

    Repeat the cycle with step number 3. Always pop 3 to 5 batches for the best popcorn.

On the final kettle of corn, it is a good idea to turn the KETTLE HEAT switch OFF just as the lids are forced open by the popping corn. This procedure saves electricity since the kettle has plenty of heat and eliminates smoke/odor from any oil residue that remains after you have stopped popping.


Models #2552, #2552C, 2552UW, #2552EX, #2552JX

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