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future will dictate our success in providing the American people with a quality life in quality surroundings. 44

George Romney, Secretary for HUD noted that environmental protection and the advancement of social goals can be mutually reinforcing.

Sometimes locally unwanted development may be important to environmental protection objectives.    For it is often the large or controversial project that is pushed off, in the absence of any more suitable site, to a remote or marginal location where there are marshlands, or forests, or valuable open space that would otherwise be protected.  But failure to remove unnecessary constraints and to improve the efficiency with which land is made available for development has other adverse consequences.  For if an adequate supply of suitably prepared land cannot be made available, there are human needs that will be filled only at much higher costs ....45

-on the need for managing and exchanging information regarding land use:  Some witnesses testified that data collection, although important, would be extremely time consuming and expensive.46  However, there was also testimony regarding the extensive information already amassed by various federal agencies, including the Department of Interior - Bureau of Land Management (data on federal lands); Geological Survey (mapping information); Bureau of Outdoor Recreation and the National Park Service (data on public parks and recreational facilities); and the Bureau of Reclamation (data on rivers and river basins).  J. Phil Campbell, Under Secretary for the Department of Agriculture, in response to a question involving the types of data it gathered and the possible impacts of a land use planning information center stated:  

the Department has a capability to make national and interregional land use and production projections, based on its information about soils, land use, conservation needs, cropping patterns, projected crop yields for various kinds of soils, expanded

    (Id.  at 35.


    (Senate Hearings on S. 3354, supra note 36, at Appendix 1.


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