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markets for agricultural and forest products, with assumptions about foreign markets and population growth and distribution.  The projections capability allows study of the land use implications of a number of important issues such as population redistribution, expanded agriculture exports, major resource developments investments ....  The research arm of the Department undertakes a variety of physical, biological and behavioral science efforts of significance to land use policies and programs. 47

-  on the administrative authority and organization of the Land and Water Resources Council: Honorable Lloyd Meeds, U.S. Congressman from Washington (House of Representatives) submitted a written statement asserting that the Water Resources Council did not have enough experience to provide the kind of leadership the land use program required.  He also argued that only a system of "hierarchical authority" would be effective in coordinating the activities of governmental agencies and that any system based on cooperation was doomed to failure.48  Rex Allen, President of the American Institute of Architects, suggested that an enlarged CEQ with broader powers would be more effective in administering the act.49  

Amendments to S. 3354

As a result of the hearing process, S. 3354 underwent significant amendment.  Some of the major changes to the legislation included a strengthening of the provisions regarding conformity review of state land use plans by the proposed Land and Water Resources Council.  As modified, the Council's review included not only a determination as to whether the state's plan conformed to the guidelines set forth in the LUPA, but the Council was required to:


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