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bill.65  Identical legislation was reintroduced the following year.

92d Congress - Senate bills S. 632 and S. 992

On January 26, 1971, Senator Jackson introduced S. 632, the Land and Water Resource Planning Act of 1971.66  The provisions of the bill were identical to those contained in S. 3354, as reported.67  Also introduced by Jackson in the 92nd Congress, at the request of President Nixon, was S. 992, the administration's bill entitled the National Land Use Policy Act of 1971.68

    (Lyday, supra note 33, at 15.  Senator Muskie challenged the jurisdiction of the Senate Interior and Insular Affairs Committee over land use asserting that the issue overlapped the jurisdiction of several other committee including banking, housing, agriculture, as well as others.  A Muskie aid is reported as stating, "Congress has not determined who has jurisdiction over land use.  The Interior Committee has just assumed it.  Because the committee assumed it does not mean it has the necessary jurisdiction."  Washington, D.C. Evening Star, December 29, 1970.  Bad feelings between Muskie and Jackson can be traced back to the days when NEPA was being crafted.  Muskie's Public Works Subcommittee on Air and Water Pollution had been working on an environmental policy bill since 1963, compiling a hearing record of nearly 16,000 pages.  When Jackson's bill, S. 1075 (NEPA), was passed on the Senate floor on July 10, 1969, Muskie was outraged.  Peter J. Ognibene, Scoop:  The Life and Politics of Henry M. Jackson (Stein and Day, 1975) at 144-145.  Presidential politics were also involved as Muskie and Jackson were rivals for the presidential nomination.  John C. Whitaker, Striking A Balance, Environmental and Natural Resources Policy in the Nixon-Ford Years (American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, 1976) at 49.

    (S. 632, 92d Congress, 1st Sess. (introduced January 26, 1971).

    (S. Rep. No. 92-869, 92d Congress, 2d Sess. (1972) at 43.

    (During the 92d Congress, pending before 13 committees, were over 200 measures relating to land use.  The most significant of these acts were the national land use policy, coastal and estuarine zone management, public lands policy, surface mining and reclamation and powerplant siting.  Congress enacted the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972.  Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, National Land Use Policy Legislation - 93rd Congress:  An Analysis of Legislative Proposals and State Laws (1973) at 3, 5 (hereinafter  Background Papers II).


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