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Administration.99  Also established was a National Advisory Board on Land Use Policy, an interagency group, created to advise the Secretary on land use policies and programs.  The Board would also assist the Secretary in review of the state plans.100

The compromise bill retained the land use data collection requirements of the original Jackson proposals while adding some new requirements.  Within three years from the enactment of the bill, the state must establish an adequate state agency to administer the plan; create an inventory of land and natural resources; collect data on population trends, economic characteristics and projections; and develop projections for the quantity of land needed for various land uses.  In addition, the state should establish a method to identify large scale and regional benefit developments; to inventory and designate areas of critical environmental concern and those impacted by key facilities; to coordinate programs and services of state and local agencies affecting land use; and hold public hearings on the planning process, affording the public and local governments an opportunity to participate.101

S. 632, as amended, differentiated between land use planning and programs.  Whereas Jackson's original proposal was for states to engage in comprehensive planning, developing  

    (Id. at §202.  The establishment of an Office of Land Use Policy Administration represented a compromise between the Administration's bill, vesting authority in the Interior Department, and Jackson's which proposed an interagency approach through expansion of the Water Resources Council.  "The real heart of the original Jackson bill was that it should not be mission oriented,  that it would not aim to further certain social, economic or environmental goals.  The Senator's notion is that land use is an effective tool to balance these kinds of considerations.  It was decided that the new office in Interior - and not some mission oriented bureau - would be a fairly neutral place to put it."  Noone, supra note 97, at 1193.

    (Senate Report 632, supra note 98, at §203.

    (Id. at §302.


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