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their concerns.156  However, by the time the hearings had ended, it was clear that the support from key interest groups, necessary to pass the legislation, was fading.157  Environmentalists, although they did not oppose Udall's bill, did not take effective action to ensure its passage.158  Former allies, including the forest product managers and other farm lobby groups withdrew their support or publicly denounced the bill.159  Much of the erosion in support was caused by those opposed to the bill, namely the Liberty Lobby, Chamber of Commerce and John Birch Society.  These groups, through newsletters and pamphlets, rallied public support against the proposal.  Many Congressmen received letters from their constituents alleging that the land use bill infringed on private property rights and would lead to federal zoning.160

Despite the adversity, in May, 1974, Udall was successful in persuading the Rules Committee to send the bill to the House floor under a rule calling for a vote on the Steiger bill before consideration of the Committee proposal.161  On June 12th, the House met to vote on whether to consider the land use reform legislation.  The final tally was amazingly close; land use

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