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the Water Resources Planning Act of 1965,6 to be administered by the Land and Water Resource Council, an expansion of the existing Water Resource Council.7  It was believed that, as the Water Resource Council had existing responsibility for other programs concerning land resources, its expertise, established communications network and staff organization made it the logical choice to coordinate the new land use program.8

The purpose of S. 3354, was to

establish a national policy to encourage and assist the several states to more effectively exercise their constitutional responsibilities for the planning, management, and administration of the Nation's land resources through the development and implementation of comprehensive "Statewide Environmental, Recreational and Industrial Land Use Plans," (hereinafter referred to as Statewide Land Use Plans) and management programs designed to achieve an ecologically and environmentally sound use of the Nation's land resources.9

To achieve this purpose, the bill established a grant-in-aid program, providing funding to the states to develop statewide land use plans.10  Federal funding was contingent, however, on state plans meeting the federal guidelines established by the legislation.11

    (79 Stat. 244.  Note that as amended, the Water Resource Planning Act would be known as the Land and Water Resource Planning Act.  Title IV of that Act was referred to as the National Land Use Policy.

    (S. 3354, 91st Congress, 2d Sess., (hereinafter Senate Bill 3354) at §402(d).  "The Land and Water Resources Council shall be composed of the Vice President; the Secretaries of Agriculture; Commerce; Health, Education and Welfare; Housing and Urban Development; the Interior; Transportation; and the Army; the Chairmen of the Council on Environmental Quality and the Federal Power Commission; and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency."  Senate Report 3354, supra note 3, at 1.

    (CR, supra note 1, at 1760.

    (Senate Bill 3354, supra note 7, §402(a).

    (Id. at §402(b).

    (Id. at §402(c).


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