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Introduction, Need of operator overloading, overloading the assignment, binary and unary operators, overloading using friends, rules for operator overloading, type conversions

Inheritance and polymorphism

Concept and need, single inheritance, base and derived classes, friend classes, types of inheritance, hybrid inheritance, member access control, static class, multiple inheritance, ambiguity, virtual base class, polymorphism, virtual functions, pure virtual functions, abstract base class, virtual destructors, early and late binding, container classes

Templates: Introduction, Templates: Function template and class template, function overloading vs function templates, member function templates, template arguments

Exception Handling: Introduction, syntax for exception handling code: try-catch-throw      

Managing Console I/O operations: Introduction, C++ streams, stream classes, unformatted I/O, formatted I/O and I/O manipulators

Files and streams

Concept of a file, file operations, streams, opening and closing a file, detecting end-of-file, file modes, file pointers, structures and files, classes and files, sequential file processing, Error handling

Suggested List of Assignments

Group A:


Write a program to perform various string operations such as copy, length, reversing, palindrome, concatenation and to find occurrence of a sub-string using and without using library functions


Write a program to understand various logical and bit wise operators


Write a program to generate permutations and combinations of a given list


Write a program to perform union and intersection on sets


Write a program to perform addition and multiplication operations on matrix. Write functions to determine whether the matrix is symmetric and skewed


Write a program to compute Inverse of a matrix


Write a program to solve system of simultaneous equations using Cramer’s rule, Gauss Seidal rule, Gauss Elimination method

Group B:


Write a C++ program to create a database of personnel information system containing following information. Name, birth- date, blood group, weight, height, policy number, telephone no., driving license. Design base class with name, Date of Birth, blood group, and another class consist of height and weight. Design another base class consisting of policy number and address. Design a derived class using the base classes to store information such as telephone number and driving license number. Also provide facilities for Insertion, Deletion and modification.


Create a message class with a constructor that takes a single string with a default value. Create a private member string and in the constructor assign the argument string to the internal string. Create two overloaded member functions called Print(): one that takes no argument and one that takes string argument.

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