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Teaching schemeExamination scheme

Practical: 4 Hrs/weekTerm work: 50 Marks

Practical: 50 Marks

Suggested List of Assignments

Part - I) 8086 programming

1. Write 8086 Assembly language program (ALP) to add array of N numbers stored in the memory.

2. Write 8086 ALP to perform non-overlapped and overlapped block transfer.

3. Write 8086 ALP to find and count negative numbers from the array of signed numbers stored in memory.

4. Write 8086 ALP to convert 4-digit Hex number into its equivalent BCD number and 5-digit BCD number into its equivalent HEX number. Make your program user friendly to accept the choice from user for: 1) HEX to BCD 2) BCD to HEX   3) EXIT.

Display proper strings to prompt the user while accepting the input and displaying the result.

5. Write 8086 ALP for the following operations on the string entered by the user.  

Calculate Length of the string

Reverse the string.\

Check whether the string is palindrome or not

Make your program user friendly by providing MENU like:

Enter the string

Calculate length of string

Reverse string

Check palindrome


Display appropriate messages to prompt the user while accepting the input and displaying the result.

6. Write 8086 ALP to perform string manipulation. The strings to be accepted from the user is to be stored in code segment Module_1 and write FAR PROCEDURES in code segment Module_2 for following operations on the string:

Concatenation of two strings

Compare two strings

Number of occurrences of a sub-string in the given string

Find number of words, characters, number of lines and number of capital letters from the given text in the data segment

Note: Use PUBLIC and EXTERN directive. Create .OBJ files of both the modules and link them to create an EXE file.

7. Write 8086 ALP to arrange the numbers stored in the array in ascending as well as descending order. Assume that the first location in the array holds the number of elements in the array and successive memory locations will have actual array elements. Write a separate subroutine to arrange the numbers in ascending and descending order. Accept a key from the user.

If user enters 0 = arrange in ascending order.

If user enters 1 = arrange in descending order.


Write 8086 ALP to perform multiplication of two 8–bit numbers. Use successive addition and add and shift method.


Write a program in C to use assembly language statements using #Pragma inline


Write following programs in C using int86, int86x, intdos, intdosx functions


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