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To create a directory


Read and display disk information such as Drive, tracks, sectors etc

10. Consider a 8086 microprocessor system with following specifications:

Memory: 8 Kb Monitor program in EPROM, 8 Kb Scratch Pad RAM, 8 KB Battery back up RAM and 8 Kb Expansion Socket for RAM.

Peripherals: 8255, 8279, 8253 and 8259.

I/O Devices: six 7 Segment Displays and Hex Key Pad.

Draw the entire system block diagram showing the details of memory decoding, chip selection logic, latches, buffers, system clock, power on RESET, address, data and control lines

11. Write your own Interrupt Service Routine to display your name for 2 minutes. The main program will display the name of your college continuously.

12. Write 8086 ALP to read command line arguments using PSP (Program Segment Prefix) and implement “DOS COPY Command”. Use File Handle function for handling the files. Handle all the errors and display appropriate messages if user does not enter proper command line arguments.

13. Write 8086 ALP to accept the scan codes of the up arrow, down arrow, left arrow, and right arrow, page up, home, page down and end key with the help of BIOS Interrupt. Draw the figure on the CONSOLE depending on the keys chosen by the user. Use graphics Video mode.

14. Write 8086 ALP to perform Encryption and Decryption of a text message.

Program should open, say, FILE1, read the content of FILE1 and encrypt it using suitable encryption key. Store encrypted text along with encryption key in, say, FILE2. Read and display the contents of encrypted file i.e. FILE2. Decrypt the data and store the decrypted data in, say, FILE3. Compare the contents of FILE1 and FILE3 after decryption. Make your program user friendly with proper screen echoes.

Part - II) Peripheral Interfacing

1. 8255:

Write 8086 ALP to convert an analog signal in the range of 0V to 5V to its corresponding digital signal using successive approximation ADC and dual slope ADC. Find resolution used in both the ADC’s and compare the results.

Write 8086 ALP to interface DAC and generate following waveforms on oscilloscope.

Square wave - Variable Duty Cycle and frequency.

Sine wave - Variable frequency.

Ramp wave - Variable direction.

Trapezoidal wave

Stair case wave

Write 8086 ALP to rotate a stepper motor for given number of steps at a given angle and in the given direction of rotation based on the user choice such as

If  ‘C’ key is pressed - clockwise rotation.

If  ‘A’ key is pressed - anticlockwise rotation.

If  ’B’ is pressed - 1/2 clockwise and ½  anti-clock wise rotation.

If  ‘S’ key is pressed - stop rotation.

Also write routines to accelerate and de-accelerate the motor.

Write 8086 ALP to print a text message on printer using centronix parallel printer interface.

* Select any two of above assignment

2. 8254:

Write 8086 ALP to program 8254 in Mode 0, modify the program for hardware re-triggerable Mono shot mode. Generate a square wave with a pulse of 1 mS. Comment on the difference between Hardware Triggered and software triggered

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