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strobe mode. Observe the waveform at GATE & out pin of IC 8254 on CRO.

3. 8279: Write 8086 ALP to initialize 8279 and to display characters in right entry mode. Provide also the facility to display,

Character in left entry mode.

Rolling display.

Flashing display

4. 8250/51:

Perform an experiment to establish communication between 2 microprocessor systems A and B. Interface system A with 8250/51 in asynchronous transmitter mode and interface 8250/51 with system B by initializing 8250/51 in asynchronous receiver mode. Write an ALP to transmit the data from system A and receive the data at system B. The requirements are as follows:


A message is stored as ASCII characters in the memory.

A message specifies the number of characters to be transmitted as the first byte.


Message is retrieved and stored in the memory.

Successful reception should be indicated.

5. 8259:

Write 8086 APL to interface 8259 in cascade mode (M/S) and demonstrate execution of ISR in following manner:

Main program will display two digits up counter. When slave IR0 interrupt occurs, it clears the counter and starts up counting again. When Master IR1 interrupt occurs, it resets the counter to FFH and starts down counting.

6. Data Acquisition System

Make a paper design of a small data acquisition system such as a “Temperature controller of a furnace” for some industrial process control system. Draw the block diagram showing the CPU, memory and peripheral interfacing. Write technical specifications of your system.

Part - III)

1. TSR Programs

Write a TSR program in 8086 ALP to implement Real Time Clock (RTC). Read the Real Time from CMOS chip by suitable INT and FUNCTION and display the RTC at the bottom right corner on the screen. Access the video RAM directly in your routine.

Write a TSR program in 8086 ALP to implement Screen Saver. Screen Saver should get activated if the keyboard is idle for 7 seconds. Access the video RAM directly in your routine.

Write a TSR program in 8086 ALP to handle the “Divide by zero” interrupt. Test your program with a small code, which causes the divide by zero interrupt.

Write a TSR program in ‘C’ that would change the color of the screen every 10 seconds

* Select any Two of above assignment

2. Simulation of Cache memory using “SMP Cache”

3. Inter-processor Communication:

Write 8086 ALP to find square root of a given floating point number in short real format using NDP. Transfer the result in NDP to data segment and display the same along with the given number. How the main processor communicates with the NDP? Explain with suitable diagram.

4. Simulation using “Simplescalar”

Student will submit the term work in the form of Journal consisting of minimum of 18 experiments with at least five experiments from part II and at least three experiments from part III. The student should be exposed to theoretical aspects of Computer organization, 8086 programming, peripheral interfacing, DOS

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