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implemented, and we are closing in on moving those substantially implemented recommendations into the fully implemented column. So i'm very pleased to have this opportunity to provide you with a progress report on the actions taken to date and actions that are still underway.

recommendation 1 — that the industry training authority develop an action plan, in consultation with key stakeholders, to address the issues identied in the report.

  • is recommendation has been fully addressed.

following the report's release in late november 2008, the ita canvassed key stakeholders impacted by the report's recommendations and circulated a draaction plan for input in march 2009. two joint working groups and an industry training organization–ita leadership advisory forum were formed to address the report recommenda- tions — specically, recommendations 2 and 4.

recommendation 2 — that the industry training authority industry should consult with industry train- ing organizations and industry to clarify roles and responsibilities and revise its policies and guidelines accordingly.

  • is recommendation has been fully addressed. e

ita engaged in extensive consultation with itos, both at the stalevel and at the board level, throughout the summer of 2008, prior to the release of the auditor general's report. is consultation resulted in clari- cation and conrmation of roles and responsibilities and revised policies and guidelines relating to industry training organizations.

itos were thoroughly consulted regarding the de- velopment in april 2009 of new funding agreements, called enterprise partnership agreements. ese agree- ments provided a further dimension of role clarity by detailing respective responsibilities, accountabilities and deliverables.


  • e '10-11 agreements contain a new section specic-

ally on division of duties, with performance measures and milestones. an outcome of this work has been improved working relationships and protocols for communication.

While i said that the recommendation has been fully implemented, ita recognizes that maintaining an eect- ive relationship between the itos and the ita requires an ongoing dialogue regarding roles and responsibilities. in fact, tomorrow the ita is hosting another half-day meeting of the ita leadership council, consisting of the ito and ita board chairs and their respective ceos, which meets quarterly and has roles and responsibilities as a standing agenda item.

recommendation 3 — that the industry training authority work with industry training organizations and industry to determine the costs associated with each required responsibility and ensure that the funding



model is appropriate and sustainable. is recommen- dation has been substantially addressed.

following consultation with the itos in august of 2008, a new budget framework for the purchase of ito services was approved and implemented in april of 2009. it's worth noting to the committee that despite reductions in other areas of the ita's operations in the September 2009 budget update, itos received a funding lifrom $4.24 million in scal '08-09 to $5.64 million for '09-10.

  • e budget framework is now reviewed and rened

each year to ensure that it reects any changes in the contractual relationship related to the services that each ito provides and the continuing evolution of roles and responsibilities. e framework has evolved into a fee- for-service model between strategic partners, which enhances clarity of roles and deliverables.

further work is focused on ensuring that the input costs of the services purchased from the itos are ac- curately reected in the price the ita is paying for those services.

recommendation 4 — that the industry training authority develop a comprehensive quality assurance program to help safeguard the quality of trades training.

  • is should include good best-practice guidelines on

how to develop occupational analyses, program outlines and program proles. is recommendation has been substantially addressed, and signicant work has been undertaken on this recommendation since early 2009.

a comprehensive review and mapping of the program standards development process was undertaken, and a series of joint working groups were established, com- prised of representatives of itos, training providers and the ita.

in 2009 the review team developed updated guide- lines and templates for developing program standards documentation. Work to develop a standards respon- sibility matrix and process maps for modifying existing programs, program development and development of examinations was also completed.

a complete set of guidebooks for standards and exam development will be completed by the end of this month, which provides detailed step-by-step processes and tem- plates covering all of the program development areas referenced by the auditor general in the report.

  • e focus of activity in implementing recommenda-

tion 4 will shinext month to consolidating all quality assurance initiatives into a comprehensive continuous improvement framework, identifying remaining gaps and developing supplementary quality assurance mech- anisms as required. e ita has budgeted funds for this activity in '10-11 and will again next year, as the work will continue into '11-12.

recommendation 5 — that the industry training authority should strengthen its compliance monitoring mechanism to provide greater assurance that training

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