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ing considered is a good one: evidence-based. What are the key issues? how do we, or how do they, deal with collecting this information? What can they derive from the information feeds that they get?

it isn't all about how well an apprentice enjoyed the course. i've been on the receiving end of that at the uni- versity, and that didn't work either, because most of the people didn't want to be at the class. ey wanted to do something else. i can't understand that, because i thought accounting was the most exciting thing ever.

But i think there are ways of monitoring the profes- sionalism of these providers in a way that's not very expensive but is highly productive. maintaining that database of information feeds is just a natural part of what we should all be doing when it comes to looking at quality and how it's delivered.

b. Ralston (Chair): anks very much. i don't have any other questioners. What i'm going to suggest is that we…. i want to thank the presenters, and i think we'll recess now until 12:15. We'll take a slightly longer than routine recess, and we'll reconvene at 12:15.

      • e committee recessed from 11:48 a.m. to 12:18

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      ralston in the chair.]

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      Ralston (Chair): e next item on the agenda is a

report by the auditor general, grant administration of the B.c. arts council and 2010 olympic and Paralympic Winter games. What i've suggested to the presenters is that we hear the auditor general and his team on both aspects of the relatively brief report and that we hear both sets of responses before we turn to questions, rather than breaking it up into two separate sections.

With that, i'll turn it over to mr. doyle, and we can proceed.

Auditor General Report:

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      C. Arts Council Grants Administration and 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

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    Doyle: is is a letter, not one of the traditional re-

ports that we currently produce. e reason it's a letter is because…. Well, if we did it today, it would be a short compendium of two or three pages on each topic, but at the time, we were experimenting with dierent forms of reporting. in this particular case we felt that a man- agement letter in regard to each of these two topics was sucient and that we didn't need to go into a 25- or 30- page report in regard to either or both of them.

in december we will be producing a similar array of reports, but you'll see that they'll all be two or three pages within a body of work.



W, n , 

turning back to these two, the B.c. arts council administration. What we had was a suggestion from a member of this committee that we actually look at the B.c. arts council and see how it operated. So if you like, this was partially a request from an mla, and it was partially also for my oce to go and look at some of the smaller programs that currently exist within gov- ernment. e goal was to get a better understanding of the grants program. from this initial grants analysis we went on to future grants analysis, which we discussed in the previous couple of days.

We looked at the B.c. arts council because they had been around for quite some time. We theorized that they should have strong and robust processes in place, and therefore, while small, it seemed like a reasonable place to start the process of review.

  • e olympics and the Paralympic Winter games. We'd

already done some work in regard to this. my predeces- sors produced reports in 2003 and also in 2006 regarding the Winter games. all those reports, although they had some dierent detail, had a similar message, which was a recommendation that the full costs of the games should be disclosed and that the risks associated with holding the games should be carefully considered to see whether or not they would impact on the declared budget.

  • e games are now over, and the current situation is

that we are reviewing the documentation that is being made available to consider whether or not we need to do any future work in this particular area. i won't be able to conclude on that until perhaps mid-december or pos- sibly early in the new year.

  • ere was only one recommendation from this com-

ponent of the work, although we did issue a drareport to government for them to comment on. e only recommendation as far as the letter was concerned was that government expand its denition of games-related cost to include all items that are reasonably attributable to hosting the 2010 olympic and Paralympic Winter games and to report publicly on those costs and the risks associated with them. following this documenta- tion, i think you'll all be aware that there was a liin the estimates to deal with security, which was one of our major issues of concern at the time.

With me today is russ Jones, assistant auditor general responsible for nancial audit but also for over- view of both these two areas of work. and sitting to his leis Brent Blackhall, who is a senior manager within the oce and has also been involved in looking at the olympic work.

i'll now just pass over to russ and Brent as a tag team to actually do the presentation.

R. Jones: ank you, John, and good aernoon, members. i'm going to take you through the B.c. arts council slides. ey are going to be fairly short and to the point.

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