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recommendation 5 was that the B.c. arts council enter into funding agreements for each large grant and all grants given out over several years. again, this is par- tially implemented. Starting this current scal year, the council is reviewing all of their funding arrangements and issuing StoB-80 transfer agreements as opposed to grants wherever practical.

during '10-11 the council is reviewing its relationship with the large, regularly funded arts organizations to de- termine where transfers under agreement would work and what conditions might be considered to strengthen their ongoing relationship with these organizations.

recommendation 6 was that the arts council ensure provision is made for the recovery of funds that are un- spent or used for purposes other than those approved where funding agreements are used. again, this is partially implemented. as noted in the previous recom- mendation, plans are underway to review all funding arrangements, and commencing this year transfer agree- ments are established wherever practical. funding will be contingent on deliverables met. actually, during last year the council did recover funds from three recipients where overfunding occurred.

recommendation 7 was that the arts council ensure funding allocations are included in quarterly funding re- ports to the arts council board. is is fully implemented.

  • ere's a new system that ensures results of each com-

petition are prepared for inclusion in the next quarterly meeting of materials for the B.c. arts council. e coun- cil board is provided with details of all awards provided with the council's funding on these quarterly meetings.

recommendation 8 is that the B.c. arts council re- quire proper documentation supporting the review of each grant le. again, this is fully or substantially imple- mented. roughout the audit it was kind of reiterated and reinforced that the paper le is the main record for each application, and there have been better processes put in place to ensure that each le is complete with re- quired documentation, because these are available to the applicants if requested.

recommendation 9 was that the B.c. arts council make eorts to recover any overfunding, and as men- tioned previously, immediate action has been taken where it's been detected. ere were three cases last s- cal where overfunding was recovered. ese were cases where it was based on a formula based on population, and based on the timing of those grants there was a re- vised gure that came out later, and those funds were recovered from those three recipients.

  • at concludes our report back on the recommenda-


b. Ralston (Chair): anks very much. en re- sponding on the olympics and Paralympic games part of the letter is doug foster. i was told you didn't have a slide presentation as well.



  • D.

    Foster: i don't, mr. chair.

  • b.

    Ralston (Chair): don't apologize.

  • D.

    Foster: i like trees, so i try to avoid….

i actually wanted to come here today to speak to the games. for people that don't know me, i'll give you a short background.

[1240] i am doug foster, and i work with the deputy minis- ter's oce in the ministry of finance. i'm a career public servant, about 35 years now. in the last ten years of my public service i've had a number of les.

one of the largest les i've had is providing govern- ment oversight from the ministry of finance in relation to ministry activities, in relation to the leading up to and during the games, as well as our friends at Vanoc. We bring this to a close, and i'm here today to talk about a 2008 report done by the provincial auditor general.

You heard the auditor general a little bit earlier re- ferring to a short three-page document that the auditor general led with the Speaker's oce at that time. i ac- tually need to, in this conversation, explain a few things that the auditor general did not tell you.

in december of 2008 — actually, the very late part of november of 2008 — there was a complete, full report done on the games to that point. at report in its nal dra, ready to go to Queen's Printer, was given to the ministry of finance in fact, the minister of finance

  • to review and provide a response. Staof the ministry

of finance had spent nine months working with the staof the auditor general on the creation of that report, a fulsome report.

at the eleventh hour, as the province was ready to pro- vide its opinion, its response, the report was withheld and pulled back, and a simple three-page document went to the Speaker's oce.

i would like you to bear with me, because i'd like to share with you something that the minister of finance wrote back to the auditor general and, indeed, led with the Speaker's oce, and copies were provided to the chair of this committee as well as the vice-chair. it's a short one, and it says:

"further to my discussion with you on december 11, 2008, i would like to restate my disappointment with your decision to withhold the release of the nal draof your report on the 2010 olympic and Paralympic games.

"as you may appreciate, stain both your oce and the prov- ince have worked together many hundreds of hours on a process that the province and, i believe, your sta believed would ultim- ately lead to the auditor general releasing the fullreport to the public that had been presented to us, along with our ocial response.

"as minister of finance, i have an obligation to ensure that tax- payer dollars achieve good value, especially in these uncertain economic times. i believe that a decision to end this review pro- cess without the benet of releasing the nal full report, along with the provincial response, does not represent the most respon- sible use of taxpayer dollars.

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