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S. Chandra Herbert: e question is just…. e auditor general mentioned some concern around documentation. i'm just wondering what, specically, that was about and how that's been resolved.

S. Durno: Previously there were some inconsisten- cies in the way that decisions were made at the peer adjudication process. Since then stahave taken steps to formalize that process and to make it consistent across programs. it's a very detailed and…. Basically, notes are taken by two or three stamembers in each of the meet- ings, and the decisions are also quantitatively ranked. So we have that qualitative record and the quantitative rec- ord to go back to should any clients or members of the public wish to know.

S. Chandra Herbert: great. ank you. Just one more on that, and i guess this is jumping ofrom that over to the auditor general's sta.

i just wanted to ask whether or not there are any re- maining concerns about the adjudication process, the documentation and the evidence of how decisions are made. or are you condent that the arts council is be- ing accountable with how they spend public dollars?

J. Doyle: We've received feedback — as we've done in the follow-up, which is our traditional approach to all recommendations — that all these matters have been either dealt with or substantially dealt with. at's a self- assertion by the entity concerned, and we have not yet gone back to have a look at it, and frankly, i doubt if we would.

But i would point out that some of the recommen- dations are very similar to ones that we raised in later audits that we conducted in other organizations with re- gard to grants. in fact, we did this audit rst, and then we moved into those other organizations because of some of the ndings that we found here.

We do expect that those matters have been addressed and dealt with, but we haven't done any further work.

S. Chandra Herbert: i just wanted to say thank you to the auditor and thank you to the B.c. arts council for ensuring that our public dollars are spent wisely.

K. Corrigan: ank you very much for the report. e auditor general has invited members to make requests for further reports in the past, so i'd like to take this opportunity to say that i think the taxpayers of British columbia as well as this committee would benet from an updated look at the numbers related the olympics. in my work as critic for the olympics i've found the 2006 auditor general's report invaluable to get a handle on what the costs of the games were.

We don't need to go over old ground, but just a re- minder of some of the things that the auditor general


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included that were not part of, i guess, the denition of what the cost of the olympic games were. ose in- cluded such items as the Vanoc secretariat and things like the own the Podium program as well as some of the larger items that the auditor general felt should be included, partially because they had been a requirement by the international olympic committee in order that B.c. would be successful in its bid.

apart from the arguments about what should or shouldn't be included, there are some that, to me, look quite obvious, and the auditor general has rightly in- cluded them. however, some of those…. in the original reports there are blanks or perhaps updates next to some of the items.

i think, for example, it would be interesting to nd out what the actual costs were related to provincial crown sponsorship. We have had some of that infor- mation provided to us, but i would really appreciate the auditor general's oce taking a look and having a little bit of oversight. We have, we estimate, around $60 mil- lion worth of sponsorships for the olympics. i would

  • nd it really useful to have the auditor general take a

look at that.

[1300] in addition, we have items that we have found out about through the estimates process or question per- iod. items like the cost of tickets were not included in the government's $765 million. items like the employee loan program, items like the costs associated with the volunteer programs, items like money to go to the one- year countdown, items like various events associated with the olympics that in my mind are very closely as- sociated with the olympics are part of the olympics and should be seen as part of the costs.

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    Ralston (Chair): member, if i might just interrupt.

    • e auditor general has said that there will be a nal -

nancial report from Vanoc at the end of the year. he is going to examine it with the view to whether he'll issue another report.

all the items that you raise are issues that have been part of a debate and debated by this committee at some length in the past, have been part of the political debate in the province, so to enumerate them here i don't think is really necessary.

We do have a report here. i sense a certain restiveness on the other side of the oor here, so i'm going to en- courage you to move on to a question, please.

K. Corrigan: fair enough. my only point is to say thank you and just to say that if the auditor general is considering a nal nancial report, i would appreciate that and would welcome that.

b. Ralston (Chair): do we have anyone else?

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