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Damage Definitions:

NE Light Medium Heavy Withdraw Sinking Turn

No effect Reduce maximum speed by 1d6 knots Reduce maximum speed by 1d6 knots, increase to next turning circle (max 5”) Reduce maximum speed by 2d6 knots, increase to next turning circle (max 5”) Ship must withdraw from the area to make urgent repairs Fatal damage, ship stops and is in a sinking condition. Vessel is turned away from the direction of impact, judged by relative position of models (if in doubt position two spare models close by, push the ramming vessel forwards and note in which

direction the target vessel turns. Roll a d6:

1-2: - turn 30°

3-4: - turn 45° 5-6: - turn 60°

As well as the mandatory “Withdraw” damage a vessel will withdraw when its accumulated damage reaches the following level:

  • a)

    Three Medium hits

  • b)

    Two heavy hits

  • c)

    One Heavy hits plus two Medium hits

Vessels may also withdraw at the controlling players discretion.

Evasive Action

If a collision occurs either side may announce that they will try to take evasive action. Both may attempt to evade. Players who are attempting to evade roll a d6 and are successful on a roll of 5 or more. If they are successful the ship is moved back 4" along its course (or to the start of movement if this is less than 4"). The vessel is then moved 4" (or the distance just moved back) turning hard to port or starboard so as to avoid the other vessel. All other movement for the ship is cancelled and any unused movement becomes a move straight ahead. For example, a ship moving at 12 knots risks a serious impact after moving 5". It makes its evasion roll and moves 4" back, then 4" forward again, turning hard to avoid the other ship. Having completed this evasive movement the ship has only moved 5" of its 12" move - the extra 7" is moved straight ahead.

Additional Rules


Fire Hoses

Fire hoses have a range of 6”. They may only be used by British tugs, and may only be used once in a game (having been used the ICGV skippers take precautions against their use). Select the target vessel and roll a d6:

1-3 4 5

No effect (other than to p**s off the opposition) Bridge hit - no change of speed or heading next turn Engine room vents hit, engines stall. Roll again -

1-3 reduce speed by 1d6” 4-6 engines stall, vessel decelerates to a halt, roll 5+ on d6 to restart.


Side Trawlers (Optional Rule)

Side trawlers must not travel at more then 2 knots when recovering their nets. They may come to a complete stop, at which point the nets drop beneath the trawler. This makes it harder for the ICGVs to cut the trawls – aply a -2 modifier to the die roll when making an attempt.

3) “Morale”

There are no morale rules as such, but the Icelandic player will have to roll to maintain commitment during attempts to cut trawls or interfere with British activities. After each Icelandic attempt to cut nets (whether

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