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successful or not) and after each collision roll a d6 (modified as shown below). If the score is 7 or more the ICGV decides to up sticks and withdraw.


+1 +1 +1

each unsuccessful attempt to cut trawls. for each time the ICGV has been rammed by a British tug. ICGV has suffered Medium damage or worse.

Points Scoring (Who Wins)

A standard game will see 3 trawlers and two warships pitted against two ICGVs.

Each game lasts for 20 turns. Trawlers score 1 point per turn in which they were trawling (I.e. not recovering nets or after successfully recovering them). Points are calculated when the trawler’s nets are successfully recovered , or at the end of the game for those trawlers that still have their nets deployed. Trawlers that lose their nets score no points.

Points are also scored for the following events:

Net cut -10 points RN vessel forced to withdraw ICGV forced to withdraw Trawler forced to withdraw

  • -

    10 points

+10 points

  • -

    15 points

Ship sunk - if a ship is sunk the opposing side automatically gain the greatest level of victory possible. If an ICGV is sunk all points scored by the British player are lost. If a trawler or other British vessel is sunk the British automatically score points as if all trawlers had achieved the largest possible catch.

The British win if they score 30 points or more, otherwise victory goes to Iceland.

“Mini Campaign”

In the mini campaign there are three operational areas. The British players have 5 warships and 9 trawlers which are assigned as desired to each area (with the only rule being that there must be at least 2 trawlers in each area. One warship may be substituted fro two support tugs.

The Icelandic players have 5 ICGVs which again are allocated to the three areas. At least one ICGV must be assigned to each area.

Each area is fought out as a separate game. In order to win the British must score at least 90 points, otherwise overall victory goes to the Icelandic Coast Guard. Additional points and penalties for sinking the opposition’s vessels still apply.

The only sure losers in this game are the cod!!

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