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“Help has arrived in the form of Schmitz’s considerable knowledge.”

  • library Journal gradebusters How Parents Can End The Bad Grades Battle

Stephen Schmitz, Ph.D.

“Schmitz is very familiar with parents’ concerns about their child’s grades: They want to help, but they often feel powerless. He shares step-by-step

solutions for common problems. Schmitz believes that every child has the potential to succeed. Highly recommended.”

  • liBRaRy JouRnal

“A clearly written, well illustrated, highly practical guide to turning underachieving kids around. Back when I was teaching, I wish I’d had such a nitty-gritty book to recommend to parents.”

  • Ginny lEvin, REtiREd hiGh school tEachER, BaltimoRE, md

“Filled with lessons to which all parents, starting with their children’s pre- primer years, should have access. Dr. Schmitz deals with issues head-on that would otherwise plague our children with bad grades and rob them of talents they innately possess.” —national association FoR dEvEloPmEntal Education

distinGuishEd winnER oF iPaREntinG mEdia awaRd FoR outstandinG PRoducts 2006

978-1-890862-39-8 $16.95 Paperback * 978-1-890862-80-0 $4.99 eBook

“You Will Benefit!”

“essential for reuniting families.”

  • Mary leftridge Byrd, Deputy Secretar , Department of Corrections, Commonweath of Pennsylvania Bridges

Reuniting Daughters & Daddies

Jonetta Rose Barras

“A must-read . . . Not only a powerful, timely, and groundbreaking roadmap in the journey toward healing, but eas- ily transferable beyond daddies and daughters—to all others in need of reconciliation.”

  • daRRyl GREEn, ms, casEy Fam-

ily sERvicEs

“An empowering, must-read resource to aid women during the much needed healing process.”

  • Roland waRREn, PREsidEnt,

national FathERhood initia- tivE

“Because it’s easy to read, and proceeds step by step, I highly recommend Bridges to anyone interested in reconciling a relationship or just wanting to learn more about the process of reconciliation. But I particularly recommend it for any two people seeking a simple, down-to-earth structure for—and positive reinforcement during—the reconciliation pilgrimage.” —dR. iREnE luckEy, associatE PRoFEssoR, institutE FoR FamiliEs in sociEty, univERsity oF south caRolina

“Powerful & Timely!”

978-1-890862-38-1 $16.95 Paperback * 978-1-890862-86-2 $9.99 eBook

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