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Detecting Dad!

“A Knock Out!”

“Quirk , adorable, and downright funn , aaron tucker is a totally endearing anti-sleuth.”

“Flawlessly transplants Shakespeare’s precious lovers to modern high school in evanston, Il.”


—Pulitzer Prize-Winner Ron Powers

a Farewell to legs An Aaron Tucker Mystery

Jeffrey Cohen

Paul & Juliana Richard Hawley

“I declare Jeffrey Cohen ‘King of the Zingers.’ His Aaron Tucker character doesn’t know when to stop . . . and that’s the good news. Legs definitely has legs.” —tim cockEy, BEstsEllinG authoR oF such mystERiEs as murder in The hearSe degree

“A warm welcome back to Aaron Tucker! With his second novel, Jeffrey Cohen delivers another intriguing plot, more laughs, and the characters readers of For Whom the Minivan Rolls will happily recall. Like Spenser, Elvis Cole, and Stephanie Plum, Aaron Tucker is evolving beyond being a character—he’s becoming a brand!” —michaEl lEvinE,

BEstsEllinG authoR

Paul & Juliana knocks me out. So many things about it seem so right, especially its tone, which never condescends to ‘Writing for the Young Adult Audience’ or ‘Writing for the Clinical Audience’ or ‘Writing for the Kid Audience.’ Its potential audience is huge.” david mallERy, national as- sociation oF indEPEndEnt schools

“A truly beautiful book . . . A triumph in every way. It will, I hope, be widely read.” REv. F. washinGton (tony) JaRvis, hEad oF Bostons RoxBuRy latin school, winnER oF a 2002 chRistoPhER awaRd FoR thE Book love and prayerS

“I just finished Jeffrey Cohen’s delightful A Farewell to Legs and I still have a big grin on my face. What a super book! Once again, Cohen’s wit, pacing, and engaging style have combined to create a winning mystery. Truly, this was the funniest—and most fun—book I’ve read since, well, since his last one! If I could buy stock in a person, I’d pick up a few hundred shares of Jeffrey Cohen. I predict nothing but great things for this series and for this author!” —mindy staRns claRk, authoR oF thE million dollar mySTerieS sERiEs, includinG a penny For your ThoughTS, donT Take any Wooden niCkelS, and a dime a dozen

“Parallels with Romeo and Juliet are intriguing, and the characters in this fun book are (mostly) likeable. 3Q 4P.” —VOYA

“Bravo to Richard Hawley for peeling away the layers of the adolescent experience to reveal a core of beauty, honesty, and idyllic love.” JanicE mooRE, diREctoR oF liBRaRiEs, Roland PaRk countRy school

“Upbeat family misadventures, unrequited writing aspirations, and unlimited suspects make this a treat to read. For fans of humorous mysteries.” liBRaRy JouRnal

978-1-890862-29-9 $19.95 Hardcover * 978-1-890862-89-3 $2.99 eBook

978-1-890862-33-6 $19.95 Hardcover

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