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“an absolute dazzler.”

  • Buzz Bissinge , Pulitzer Prize-Winne , Friday Night lights

“Absolute Dazzler!”

Hank The First Novel of the Gunpowder Trilogy

Arch Montgomery

“This is a book I want my 18-year-old son to read. It is a book I want my 11 year old to read. It is a book I want other parents to read, because it is that haunting and brilliant.” Buzz BissinGER, BEst-sEllinG, PulitzER PRizE-winninG authoR oF Friday nighT lighTS

“Hank’s voice is fresh and be- lievable; Montgomery’s writing combines vernacular language, metaphor, and simile to present the colorful life of a young man discover- ing the world.” school liBRaRy JouRnal

“Opens the door for discussion of moments of crisis, of growth and passage, and the commonality of these experiences in our lives. An outstanding ad- dition to my ‘Rites of Passage’ course.” —JEFFREy chRist, chaiR, EnGlish dEPaRtmEnt, thE Gilman school

“High school librarians looking to expand their first-person coming-of-age stories will welcome Montgomery’s first novel. 4Q 4P S .—VOYA

978-1-890862-22-0 $19.95 Hardcover * 978-1-890862-92-3 $6.99 eBook

Suburban Detective

“a delightfully zany first novel in a new series featuring one of the most endearing amateur detectives ever.”

  • Mystery Ink

For Whom the Minivan Rolls An Aaron Tucker Mystery

Jeffrey Cohen

“Jeff Cohen’s Minivan rolls merrily along— accent on the merrily. Mr. Cohen’s ideas on marriage and murder (often cut from two ends of the same bolt) are wise, wicked, and witty. Surprisingly tender, too, regarding the responsibilities and trials of being a parent—fathering a delightful book in the process.” laRRy GElBaRt, scREEnwRitER oF m*a*S*h, TooTSie, oh,

god!, Bedazzled, a Funny Thing happened on The BarBarianS aT The gaTe, Etc.

ay To The Forum,

“A zany mix of Donald Westlake’s humor with the insights of Jon Katz’s suburban detective. Fans will find sly bits to cackle over as they zip through the pages—they will appreciate the way the writing entertains without pulling them out of the story. The first-person narration draws the reader in, and the quirky characters add just the right touch of levity to this convoluted plot. Cohen’s reluctant detective may be short and slight and middle-aged, but he’s a winner. Author Jeffrey Cohen has produced a seamless, original debut.” —CozieS, CaperS & CrimeS (GERaldinE GalEntREE)

“Jeffrey Cohen’s For Whom The Minivan Rolls is hot. Witty, with great characters and nifty twists, it should delight mystery fans and, above all, anyone who enjoys a good puzzle and big laughs. His wife and kids may not realize it, but Aaron Tucker (and his creator) have glistening new careers ahead of them.” —tom sawyER, novElist and FoRmER hEad wRitER, murder, She WroTe

978-1-890862-18-2 $19.95 Hardcover * 978-1-890862-81-7 $2.99 eBook

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