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“a beautiful book.”

  • Dennis Whole , this is america with Dennis Wholey

“Passionate & Fascinating.”

a Cry unheard

New Insights into the Medical Consequences of Loneliness

James J. Lynch

“In spite of reporting a mountain of data from medical research, this book is as engaging as a novel. It is, after all, a murder mystery. There are many twists and turns in the plot, particularly because the area of research has expanded enormously over the past two decades, and of course there are many clues. Most compelling of all is the fact that each of us is a potential victim.”

  • voicEs: thE aRt and sciEncE oF PsychothERaPy

“Loneliness, writes Lynch, is a lethal but avoidable poison. While not a ‘how-to’ book, this is worthy of inclusion in larger consumer health collections.” —liBRaRy JouRnal

“Clearly [Lynch] brings a radical approach to early cardiac disease, but one that we cannot afford to continue to ignore.” —JacquElinE olds, haRvaRd mEdical school, perSpeCTiveS in Biology and mediCine

“This book is for readers willing to delve into the subject of loneliness and health risk. Lynch wants you to understand the magnitude of the problem, which he presents in a style that is both academic (with plenty of statistics and graphs) and accessible. He also wants you to understand the complex solution: contact, companionship, and communication.” —Joan PRicE, authoR oF The CompleTe idioTS guide To online mediCal reSourCeS and The CompleTe idioTS guide To online healTh and FiTneSS

978-1-890862-11-4 $26.95 Hardcover * 978-1-890862-94-7 $9.99 eBook

“a captivating biography that has given life to the Cone sisters . . . Highly recommended.”

  • library Journal

“Absolutely Engaging!”

the art of acquiring A Portrait of Etta & Claribel Cone

Mary Gabriel

“Stranger than fiction, smoothly con- structed, racily written, and especially touching in its portrait of the shy and retiring younger sister. The remarkable Etta Cone, who emerged late in life from the shadow of her majestic sibling Claribel, became one of this century’s most unlikely pioneers, a figure of power and daring in her own right as well as a collector who came to mean more than any other to Henri Matisse. Both sisters, I hope, will now take their rightful place among the great visionary art collectors of the twentieth century.” hilaRy sPuRl- inG, authoR oF thE acclaimEd two-PaRt BioGRaPhy The unknoWn ma- TiSSe and The maSTer maTiSSe

“Adeptly weaving the threads of their life stories into the larger fabric of the social and artistic history of their time, Gabriel complicates our under- standing of the relationship between art and its audience.”

  • PuBlishERs wEEkly

“A lively and fascinating look.” FoREwoRd maGazinE

978-1-890862-18-2 $19.95 Hardcover * 978-1-890862-81-7 $2.99 eBook

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