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Book-of-the-Month-Club and History Book Club Selections


live By the Sword The Secret War Against Castro and the Death of JFK

Gus Russo “Highly recommended.” liBRaRy JouRnal

“Probably the last book on the Kennedy as- sassination you will need to read. Gripping and convincing.” kiRkus REviEws

“Detailed and well documented. A consis- tently absorbing addition to the subject.”

  • PuBlishERs wEEkly

“Compelling, exhaustively researched, and even-handed . . . What is most impressive about Live by the Sword is that Russo is able to explain (though not condone) the actions of many of those in government who fought hard to keep what Russo calls ‘the secret war against Castro’ from the public.”

  • thE nEw yoRk timEs Book REviEw

“A well-received book on the Kennedy assassination, which argued that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.” u.s. nEws & woRld REPoRt

“This revealing book demonstrates that no journalist knows more about Robert Kennedy’s involvement with anti-Castro Cuban exile forces than Gus Russo.” sEymouR m. hERsh, PulitzER PRizE-winninG authoR oF The dark Side oF CameloT

978-1-890862-01-5 $26.95 Hardcover * 978-1-890862-98-5 $9.99 eBook

“Kevin Cowherd is one of the nation’s best humor columnists and one of my favorites.”

  • Dave Barr , Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist

Everyday Humor!

last Call at the 7-eleven

Fine Dining at 2 a.m., The Search for the Spandex People, and Other Reasons to Go On Living

Kevin Cowherd

“While on the run, I’ve been taking a daily dosage of Kevin Cowherd’s Last Call at the 7-Eleven. It’s very funny stuff. My intention is to keep right on reading, and laughing, and my suggestion to everyone else, once they get the chance, is to do the same. Cowherd’s not only a fine comedy writer, but an outstanding humor columnist to boot.” lEsliE niElsEn, staR oF airplane! and The naked gun

“A tasty collection of Cowherd essays that look lovingly, if sardonically, at the travails of modern convenience living, like dining at the 7-Eleven.”

  • usa today (cathy hainER)

“What a hilarious read! Kevin Cowherd’s essays run the gamut and had me laughing out loud as I zipped through this snappy number. I’m a huge fan of nonfiction humor writing and really enjoyed this book. Cowherd is witty and hyper-observant. The book is a breezy read that packs a humorous punch on scores of topics. You can read a few columns here and there without a huge time commitment; the book lends itself to that reading style.” —Book linE and sinkER BloG

“At his best as a parodist, Cowherd is witty on topics like looking for love in personal ads, or seeking advice from Dear Abby.” PuBlishERs wEEkly

978-0-963537-63-8 $19.95 Hardcover

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