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Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism

“Clear Vision”

Violent Screen

A Critic’s 13 Years on the Front Lines of Movie Mayhem

Stephen Hunter

“Offers pithy reviews and articles solely from the engaging pen of Hunter. He categorizes by genre, thus creatively organizing a vir- tual laundry list of sex and violence. Recom- mended.” liBRaRy JouRnal

“Stephen Hunter is a first-rate movie reviewer, as is richly evident in this collection of critiques.” PhiladElPhia inquiRER

“A confident walk on the rough side of movie-making with popular mov- ie reviewer, critic, and commentator Stephen Hunter. Drawing upon his Baltimore Sun reviews, interviews, and articles, Hunter observes how the movies, with their pervasive violence, reflect our increasingly violent and alienating culture. Because iolent Screen deals with a subject so germane to today’s national discussions on family values and the media, Hunter’s commentaries are particularly timely and germane. He is also entertain- ing—his movie-reviewing is rife with energy, humor, sharp-edged analysis, and intensity. iolent Screen is highly recommended reading for students of film and video, media buffs, and the non-specialist general reader with an interest in the impact movies have upon our lives and upon our culture.”

  • midwEst Book REviEw

978-0-963537-64-5 $19.95 Hardcover

“a valuable and useful guide for all investors, especially novices.”

  • library Journal

A Confident Investment!

generation of Wealt

Time-Tested Rules for Worry-Free Investing

Julius Westheimer

“Julius Westheimer brings to the business of investing not just the experience and insights of an octogenarian sage but the warmth and candor that have so endeared him to our television audience. In a business where juveniles claim infallibility after a couple of years of getting lucky, Westy reminds us that nobody’s perfect (even your friendly neighborhood stockbroker) but that patience and common sense are two of the most effective weapons in anyone’s portfolio.” —louis RukEysER, FoRmER host oF PBs’s Wall $TreeT Week WiTh louiS rukeySer and FoRmER EditoR-in- chiEF oF louiS rukeySerS Wall STreeT and louiS rukeySerS muTual FundS

Generation of Wealth is just like having your own personal stockbroker, and one you know you can trust. Nine thousand dollars’ worth of private consultations with Westy—for less than nineteen dollars.” —wBal Radio (BaltimoRE)

“For those interested in a non-technical introduction to investing from a pro, this is a good place to start.” —PuBlishERs wEEkly

“Julius Westheimer’s new book delivers! Some fascinating insights from a real ‘pro’ on how to make money in stocks and bonds and, more importantly, how to keep it!” —FRank caPPiEllo, PREsidEnt oF mccullouGh, andREws & caPPiEllo, inc., and a REcoGnizEd authoRity on invEstmEnts

978-0-963124-69-2 $18.95 Hardcover

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