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“the letters are laugh-out-loud funny.”

  • american Bookseller Magazine

“Perfect. Who Knew?”

Wilbur Winkle Has a Complaint!

Consumer Advocate or Nut With Too Much Time On His Hands?

John Homans

“Wilber is a nebbishy Ralph Nader who confronts the issues that drive us all cra- zy.” amERican BooksEllER maGazinE

“This book is hilarious! Wilber Winkle is an American treasure.”

  • laRRy kinG, host oF cnn’s larry king live

“At first glance, I thought, he is a nut with too much time on his hands. I still do, but I have to say his book made me laugh and laugh.” linda mack Ross, authoR oF The SmarT ConSumerS Book oF QueSTionS

“Wilber Winkle makes Ralph Nader look like Barney Fife! Riotously funny.” kEvin cowhERd, authoR oF laST Call aT The 7-eleven and BalTimore Sun humoR columnist

“If Wilber’s pastime catches on, people won’t need TV. They’ll be able to entertain themselves through the U.S. mail.” thE latE Phil haRtman, FoRmER comEdian and staR oF nBc’s neWS radio

978-0-963124-64-7 $12.95 Paperback * 978-1-890862-99-2 $6.99 eBook

“one of the most entertaining yet true-to-life books I have ever read.”

  • louis Bates ames, author of Your one-Year-old

The Comedy of Family!

You Might as Well laugh Surviving the Joys of Parenthood

Sandi Kahn Shelton

“I’m thankful that this very funny and observant lady is a writer and not a cartoonist!” —Bil kEanE, cREatoR oF

The Family CirCuS

“A cheerful, flippant view of family life, with a compassionate undercurrent that gives these observations weight.” —kiRkus


“A storyteller with contagious wit, Shelton recounts the compromising moments, fractious scenes, and ‘bijantic’ laughs of her adventures in motherhood. For anyone who has been down that road, she is the kind of writer you want to call at the end of the book to say ‘Keep in touch.’”

  • maRy kay BlakEly, authoR oF ameriCan mom

“With You Might As Well Laugh, Sandi Kahn Shelton emerges as the true successor to Erma Bombeck’s throne. Her amusing accounts of the everyday ups and downs of family life will keep you laughing from one car pool run to the next.” —JudsEn culBREth, FoRmER EditoR oF Working moTher and redBook

“It’s wonderful how [Sandi] so often picks out and shares aspects of her family life that readers like me can identify with.” —suE shEllEnBERGER, Wall STreeT Journal “woRk and Familycolumnist

978-1-890862-18-2 $19.95 Hardcover * 978-1-890862-81-7 $2.99 eBook

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