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“anyone who doesn’t enjoy this novel just doesn’t know how to have a good time.”

  • Fred Chappell, award-Winning Novelist and Poet

Southern Masterpiece

Purple Jesus Ron Cooper

Purple Jesus is a novel that deserves a place on the bookshelf

between O’Connor’s


Blood and Crews’s The Gospel Singer, but Ron Cooper has his

own unique voice, and what a marvelous, darkly comic voice it

is. He is an immensely talented writer.” ―Ron Rash, 2009 PEn/FaulknER Finalist FoR thE cRitically acclaimEd Serena

“I know that what a publisher typically wants a reviewer to do is assemble a fanfare of comparisons―to Lewis Nordan, to Walker Percy, or even to Faulkner. But the truth is that comparisons just aren’t enough. Purple Jesus shows that Cooper has the ear of a poet engaged in the sport of finding exactly the right words. He has the wild-haired tendency of a philosopher to mix beliefs, ideas, possibilities, and humor as if he was whipping up a Sunday pot-luck supper casserole. And he combs and plumbs the memories of his childhood home like a shaman knitting together the culture of a tribe. Damn me if this isn’t a fine book, a powerfully good yarn that makes you want to thrust pages under someone’s nose and say, ‘Read this!’”

  • GaRRison somERs, EditoR-in-chiEF, The BloTTer maGazinE, duRham,


978-1-890862-70-1 $25.00 Hardcover

Witty & Adorable

“teen girls will gobble this up.”

  • tri-State Ya Book Review Committee

Eileen Boggess

Mia the Magnificent The Mia Fullerton Series

Eileen Boggess

“Eileen Boggess’s Mia the Magnificent is fast-paced, funny, and an all-around terrific read. An excellent choice for tweens looking for a book packed with fun and action with a little romance on the side!” —Jan Blazanin, authoR oF FaireST oF Them all and FoRmER sixth GRadE REadinG/ lanGuaGE aRts tEachER





The Mia Fullerton Series

“Mia is a lovable and relatable heroine, and the book is filled with funny one-liners and plenty of ridiculously hilarious plotlines. It will be enjoyed by both middle grade and young adult readers—the issues in it are especially pertinent to younger readers. Mia the Magnificent is an absolutely hilarious novel that I recommend to middle grade and YA readers looking for a fun read with a lot of heart.” —hEy! tEEnaGER oF thE yEaR BloG

“This is a great series and I’d recommend it to just about anyone. I think I was assuming it would be just for middle grade readers, but I think any age would enjoy Mia and her adventures, or misadventures in most cases. I’m going to go back and read the first couple books in the series, but you could totally jump into this one and know exactly what’s happening. Mia is indeed magnificent!!” —caRRiEs ya BookshElF BloG

“I know a ton of girls who will really relate to Mia’s story.” —RosEmaRy clEmEnt-mooRE, authoR oF thE awaRd-winninG maggie Quinn: girl vS. evil sERiEs

978-1-890862-67-1 $19.95 Hardcover * 978-1-890862-68-8 $14.95 Paperback

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