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“If they gave out gold medals for books, Dracula Is Dead would get one.”

  • Nadia Com─âneci, Olympics Champion

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Dracula Is Dead

How Romanians Survived Communism, Ended It, and Emerged since 1989 as the New Italy

Sheilah Kast and Jim Rosapepe

If you buy only one book about Romania, Dracula Is Dead should be the one. Culture, religion, war, humor, kings, Communists, kids, IT nerds, gypsies—and Dracula— they’re all here, seen through the eyes of two keen American observers and storytellers.” —sam donaldson, aBc

nEws contRiButoR and anchoR

“Romania is a living legacy of Rome, as well as a great American ally. Jim and Sheilah are outstanding guides to this country, which is both familiar and exotic.” —madElEinE alBRiGht, u.s. sEcREtaRy oF statE, 1997- 2001

“I chose fiction to convey the chaos and connections of Chicago politics. Sheilah and Jim found chaos and connections and much more while uncovering the real story of Romania—exploding the myths and filling in the rest of the story. You’ll be fascinated by what they found.” —scott simon, host, nPR’s Weekend ediTion SaTurday; authoR, Windy CiTy

Dracula Is Dead is just the right metaphor. This interesting and entertaining book, with Sheilah’s journalistic acumen and Jim’s inside knowledge, takes readers behind the myth and the fiction to today’s real Romania.” PRoFEssoR Radu FloREscu sR., histoRian and co-authoR, in SearCh oF draCula

978-1-890862-65-7 $25.95 Hardcover * 978-1-890862-83-1 $9.99 eBook

“a heartwarming story about famil , filled with colorful and unforgettable characters.”

  • Michele Vanort Cozzens, author

Family & Forgiveness

thanksgiving at the Inn Tim Whitney

“Engaging, imaginative, and highly recommended.” —suitE 101.com, thE woRlds most comPREhEnsivE indEPEndEnt onlinE maGazinE, with 20 million monthly REadERs

“It is a timeless, heartwarming story that is full of life’s lessons often overlooked in today’s fast-paced world. Thanksgiving at the Inn will relate well to many young readers. It is recommended as a basic book for any secondary school library. It would make an excellent selection for a basic books list for school libraries. Rating for this Book: Excellent/Superior Quality.” —linda mcnEil, chaiR, tRi statE younG adult Book REviEw committEE (Pa, nJ, and dE)

“This is the timeless story of a father and son, their relationship, their responsibilities, and growing up. There are several themes that are just as relevant in May as they are in November. Teens will see themselves in Heath, who sees himself as the ‘victim’ of his father’s wrath: never taking his side, always overreacting, insensitive to his needs. As I was reading, I kept coming up with book club discussion questions. I could see this in a father-son book club or in one of the Boys & Girls Club reading circles.”

  • thE REadinG tuB, a non-PRoFit oRGanization that PRomotEs litERacy

By EncouRaGinG FamiliEs to REad toGEthER

“The novel’s sweet, laconic pace comes to an abrupt halt as both father and son must deal with near-tragic events. Their soul-searching encourages them to grow and appreciate one another. This energetic, encouraging tale concludes on a hopeful note for both father and son.” —school liBRaRy JouRnal

978-1-890862-6-40 $19.95 Hardcover * 978-1-890862-74-9 $7.99 eBook

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