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“Fuqua, an award-winning autho , has written another groundbreaking novel.”

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In the Wake of the Boatman Jonathon Scott Fuqua

In the Wake of the Boatman—the title refers to Carl, the backyard boatman, who builds his own crafts that sink upon launch—is the kind of book I did not expect to like. But I found it totally absorbing, incredibly realistic, and emotionally hard-hitting. I read it more than six weeks ago, and I’m still thinking about it. In the Wake of the Boatman is a brilliant read, and I honestly think it deserves a much wider audience. Excellent! Highly recommended!” —REadinG mattERs BloG (london, EnGland)

“A masterful yarn about a dysfunctional family . . . A relationship and its aftermath leave the reader a glimmer of hope that this unforgettable character will dig himself out of his psychological morass before he destroys himself.” —viRGinian-Pilot

“Why is it that some talented authors never seem to garner the attention they deserve? Jonathon Scott Fuqua has written several award-winning novels, but despite the literary acclaim, I’d never heard of him until I read his most recent novel. In the Wake of the Boatman was haunting and complex, and so much more than I anticipated. I’ve been thinking about it ever since finishing it earlier in the week. Now I’m eager to read and review his other works.” —Book linE and sinkER BloG

“Poignant and well-written.” —davE macE, sR. vP oF oRiGinal PRoGRamminG, loGo/mtv nEtwoRks

978-1-890862-42-8 $25.00 Hardcover * 978-1-890862-78-7 $8.99 eBook

“If you have a young daughter at home, I highly recommend this series.”

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Summer Fun!

Mia the Melodramatic The Mia Fullerton Series

Eileen Boggess

“Ms. Boggess is absolutely gifted at finding humor in the everyday misadventures of a typical teen. Her dialogue crackles with realism and wit. Mia feels like the girl next door . . . if the girl is klutzy and hilarious and appealingly offbeat.” —Jill EsBaum, authoR oF STink Soup, STe-e-e-e- eamBoaT a-Comin’!, eSTelle TakeS a BaTh, and To The Big Top

“This wonderful sequel, following the coming-of-age adventures of Mia Fullerton, Iowa teen, takes place during the summer between her freshman and sophomore year of high school. The novel is full of witty one-liners and hilarious descriptions of characters, including ‘diva of the darkside,’ ‘acrimonious albino,’ and ‘Her Highness of Hatred.’ Through her summer adventures, Mia realizes she is ‘the same . . . only different.’ Mia’s angst is more light-hearted than edgy, making it appropriate for sixth- to ninth- graders or even precocious upper-elementary readers.” —school liBRaRy JouRnal

“You thought Mia the Meek was funny? Well, Mia the Melodramatic is double funny, with sprinkles on top. Join Mia for a summer of romance and craziness that will keep you laughing ’til the curtain drops.” —shaREllE ByaRs moRanvillE, authoR oF purple riBBon, over The river, a higher geomeTry, and The SnoW

978-1-890862-56-5 $19.95 Hardcover * 978-1-890862-57-2 $14.95 Paperback

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