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Have the Proper Equipment

In order to conduct risk-based inspections, each inspector must be provided with the proper equipment to assess the control of foodborne illness risk factors within food establishments. See Program Standard 8 at http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/ret- std8.html for recommendations of equipment needed by inspectors. At a minimum, each inspector should be provided with the following essential equipment:

  • Thermocouple with the appropriate probes for the food being tested

  • Alcohol swabs or other suitable equipment for sanitizing probe thermometers

  • Chemical test kits for different chemical sanitizer types

  • Heat-sensitive tape or maximum registering thermometer

  • Flashlight

  • Head cover, such as baseball cap, hair net, or equivalent.

Other equipment may be provided to inspectors on an “as needed” basis. While it is desirable for each inspector to have the following equipment, depending on the resources available to the agency, this equipment may be shared in a central office as appropriate:

    • Pressure gauge for determining in-line pressure of hot water at injection point of warewashing machine (15-25 psi)

    • Light meter

    • Measuring device for measuring distances

    • Time/temperature data logger

    • pH meter

    • Water activity meter

    • Camera

    • Computers with or without an electronic inspection system

    • Black light

    • Foodborne illness investigation kits

    • Sample collection kits

    • Cell phones.

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    Provide Adequate Training

Standard 2 of the Program Standards explains that regulatory staff shall have the knowledge, skills, and ability to adequately perform their required duties. Inspectors need the proper training before they can be expected to conduct risk-based inspections. Training includes a combination of classroom training, in-field training, standardization, and continuing education. For specific training recommendations refer to Program Standard 2 at http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/ret-std2.html.

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