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DRAFT Princeton University COOP

Should any departmental forms, supplies, equipment, or reference materials be stored in an off-site location?  I

Identify the storage and security of original documents and vital records within your department.  How would this be replaced if lost?  Should any be stored in a more protected place, e.g., off-site storage, vault, etc?

Are your networked computers being backed up on schedule?  For clarification of backup procedures, please review the OIT TSM Usage and Charging Policy.

How long can your department perform all of its business functions without the support of OIT?  Assume that this loss occurred during your busiest peak period.  Make a list of each critical business function and indicate Not at all, Up to 3 days, Up to one week, Up to a month or Indefinitely.

Have you developed back-up or other procedures that can be used to continue operations in the event that your system is not available?  

Would a disaster in your department cause an interruption to any legally required reporting?

Describe here.

E: Your Department’s Essential Functions

List the essential services that your department would provide to the University in the event of an emergency and who is responsible for performing these functions.  You may list personnel by name or by title.  List also the names or titles of individuals who can assume these responsibilities in the event that the primary person is not available.  Note also whether any of these functions can be completed off-site, e.g., via telecommuting.  As relevant, please indicate whether these functions or processes have documentation sufficient to aid an alternate to be able to carry them out.  For processes that rely on departmental or OIT computer support, the template provided as Appendix A may prove useful for business continuity and resumption.

The following format may be useful:

Short description or title of essential function


Can this be completed off-site?


Are the processes documented?  If so, where is the information stored?


Primary person responsible for this function


Others who may assume these responsibilities.

Based on the information above, list the names and primary functions of your departments “essential personnel”.  Some departments have already designated essential personnel for short-term emergencies, such as weather-related emergencies.  For each person, please indicate whether the person is on the short-term or long-term list.



Short-Term Emergency

Long-Term Emergency

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