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Before using

ª How to turn the power on and off with the LCD monitor/viewfinder

When the mode dial is set to Tape Recording Mode, the power can be turned on and off with the LCD monitor and the viewfinder.

Setting date and time

When the Camcorder is turned on for the first time, [SET DATE AND TIME] will appear.

1 Open the LCD monitor out or extend the viewfinder to turn on the power. (-16-)

Select [YES] and press the center of the joystick. Perform steps 2 and 3 below to set the date/time.

The LCD monitor or viewfinder will be activated.

Set to Tape Recording Mode. 1 Set [BASIC] >> [CLOCK SET] >> [YES]. (-20-)

2 Close the LCD monitor and retract the viewfinder to turn off the power.

The power will not turn off unless the LCD monitor is closed and the viewfinder is retracted. The Status indicator automatically goes off and the power turns off. (If quick start is set to [ON] (-17-), the unit goes into quick start standby mode and the Status indicator lights green.) The power does not turn off even if the LCD monitor is closed and the viewfinder is retracted while recording on a tape.

2 Move the joystick left or right in order to select the item to be set. Then move the joystick up or down to set the desired value. The year will change as follows: 2000, 2001, ..., 2089, 2000, ... The 12-hour clock is used.

3 Press the joystick to determine the setting. The clock function starts at [00] seconds.

ª About date/time

The date and time function are driven by a built-

in lithium battery. Make sure to check the time before recording

because the built-in clock is not very accurate.

ª Recharging the built-in lithium battery

3 Open the LCD monitor or extend the viewfinder to turn the power on and use the Camcorder again.

The Status indicator lights red and the power turns on.

If [0] or [--] appears when the Camcorder is turned on, then the built-in lithium battery needs to be charged. Use the steps below to charge the battery. Connect the AC adaptor to the Camcorder or attach the battery to the Camcorder, and the built-in lithium battery will be recharged. Leave the Camcorder as is for approx. 24 hours, and the battery will drive the date and time for approx. 6 months. (The battery is still being recharged even if the mode dial is set to OFF.) When turning on the power for the first time after charging, [SET DATE AND TIME] will appear. Select [YES] and set the date and time.

Set the mode dial to OFF when this unit is not being used.



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