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Before using

Quick Start

ª To cancel Quick Start

When Quick Start is ON the battery power is still being consumed, even when the LCD Monitor and the Viewfinder are closed. The Camcorder will resume recording/pause mode about 1.7 seconds after the LCD Monitor or the Viewfinder is reopened. Please note in Quick Start Mode approximately half the pause recording power is being consumed. Using Quick Start Mode will reduce the battery recording/playback time. This is only activated in the following cases. While using the battery A tape is inserted, while the Tape Recording Mode is set. While using the AC adaptor Quick Start can be used even if a tape is not inserted.

Set to Tape Recording Mode.

1 Set [SETUP] >> [QUICK START] >> [ON]. (-20-)

2 Close the LCD monitor and retract the viewfinder while the mode dial is set to Tape Recording Mode.

1 Set [SETUP] >> [QUICK START] >> [OFF]. (-20-) The status indicator goes off and the power turns off if the mode dial is set to OFF while the unit is in quick start standby mode. If the standby continues for approx. 30 minutes, then the Status indicator will go off and the Camcorder will be completely turned off.

In the following cases, quick start is canceled and the power turns off. When the Mode dial is moved. When the battery or AC adaptor is removed. When the tape is removed while using the battery in Tape Recording Mode. When the Camcorder is quick-started with the white balance on automatic, it may take some time until the white balance is adjusted if the scene being recorded has a light source different from the scene last recorded. (When the MagicPix function is used, however, the white balance of the scene last recorded is retained.) If the power is turned on in quick start standby mode, the zoom magnification becomes 2t and the picture size may differ from what it was before quick start standby mode. If [POWER SAVE] (-24-) is set to [5 MINUTES] and the unit automatically goes into quick start standby mode, close the LCD monitor and retract the viewfinder and then open the LCD monitor or extend the viewfinder again.

The Status indicator lights green and the unit goes into quick start standby mode. The Camcorder will not go into quick start standby mode unless the LCD monitor is closed and the viewfinder is retracted.

3 Open the LCD monitor or extend the Viewfinder.

The status indicator lights red and the Camcorder is put into recording pause approx. 1.7 seconds after it is turned on.



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