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Record mode

Recording on a tape

When recording, open the lens cover before turning the unit on. (-12-) If the unit is turned on with the lens cover closed, the automatic white balance adjustment (-49-) may not function properly. The default aspect ratio is set to [16:9] for recording images compatible with a wide-screen TV. To make this unit compatible with regular TVs (4:3), change the [ASPECT] setting before recording the images (-30-) or change the [TV ASPECT] setting when watching them on the connected TV (-36-).

Set to Tape Recording Mode.

1 Press the recording start/stop button to start recording.

ª On-screen display in the tape recording mode



R 0:30


  • 1)

    Recording time elapse

  • 2)

    Remaining tape indication

ª About the remaining tape time indication on the screen

The remaining tape time is indicated in minutes. (When it reaches less than 3 minutes, the indication starts flashing.) During a 15-second or shorter recording, the remaining tape time indication may not be displayed or the remaining tape time may not be displayed correctly. In some cases, the remaining tape time indication may display remaining tape time that is 2 to 3 minutes shorter than the actual remaining tape time.



When 5 minutes passes without any operation, the standby mode will be automatically set. In the standby mode, [;] blinks and it takes more time than usual to start recording after you press the recording start/stop button.

2 Press the recording start/stop button again to pause recording.


For the recording time on a tape, refer to -13-. Carry out a recording check to verify that the

[5 MINUTES]: When 5 minutes passes without any operation, the Camcorder automatically turns off to protect the tape or to save battery life. To use the Camcorder, turn it on again. In the following cases, the power may not turn off even when set [POWER SAVE] >> [5 MINUTES]. When connecting to the AC outlet (When using the AC adaptor) When connecting the DV cable to a PC or other equipment

image is recorded properly. In order to find the unrecorded section, carry out

the blank search (-25-).



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