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Record mode

Aspect ratio

Optical image stabilizer function

This allows you to record images compatible with wide-screen TVs. Wide Function Images are recorded with a 16:9 aspect ratio. 4:3 Function Images are recorded with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Set to Tape Recording Mode.

Reduces the jitter caused by hand movement when recording. Set to Tape Recording Mode.

1 Press the [O.I.S.] button.

1 Wide Function Set [BASIC] >> [ASPECT] >> [16:9]. 4:3 Function Set [BASIC] >> [ASPECT] >> [4:3].

ª To cancel the Wide/4:3 function

Wide Function Set [BASIC] >> [ASPECT] >> [4:3]. 4:3 Function Set [BASIC] >> [ASPECT] >> [16:9].

The default setting is [16:9]. In the wide-screen mode, the menu screens, operation icons and other screen displays appear horizontally oriented. When images are played back on a TV screen, the date/time indication may be erased in some cases. Depending on the TV, the picture quality may deteriorate. If still pictures recorded with a 4:3 aspect ratio are played back when [TV ASPECT] is set to [16:9], part of the operation icons and other displays will appear on the black bands on the left and right of the picture. About the TV to be connected and TV used for playback When playing back images taken by this unit on a TV screen, change the setting established by Tape playback mode [SETUP] >> [TV ASPECT] to match the aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9) of the TV monitor to be connected. (-36-) Depending on the settings of the TV connected, the images may not be displayed properly. For more information, please read the operating instructions for the TV.

ª To cancel the optical image stabilizer function

Press the [O.I.S.] button again.

In the following cases, the optical image stabilizer function may not work effectively. When the digital zoom is used When the Camcorder is shaken greatly When you record a moving subject while tracking it

Guideline function

View the slope and the balance of the image while recording. You can check if the image is level while recording motion pictures. The function can also be used to estimate the balance of the composition. Set to Tape Recording Mode.

1 Set [ADVANCED] >> [GUIDE LINES] >> [ON].

ª To cancel the guideline function Set [ADVANCED] >> [GUIDE LINES] >> [OFF].

The guide lines do not appear on the images actually recorded.



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