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Using the DV Interface Cable for Recording (Digital Dubbing)

By connecting other digital video equipment with DV terminal and the Camcorder by using the DV cable PV-DDC9/PV-DDC9-K (optional) 1, high- image-quality dubbing can be done in digital format. Set to Tape Playback Mode.


1 Connect the Camcorder and digital video equipment with the DV cable.


Even if you use a device equipped with DV terminals such as IEEE1394, you may not be able to perform digital dubbing in some cases. For more information, see the instructions for equipment connected. Regardless of the menu settings on the recorder, digital dubbing is carried out in the same mode as the [AUDIO REC] mode of the playback tape. The images on the recorder monitor may be disturbed, but it does not affect the recorded images. If a picture containing a copyright protection signal (copy guard) is recorded by the Camcorder, the picture is distorted by mosaic- like patterns at playback. While pictures are input from the DV terminal, the operation icon blinks on instead of appearing from the side of the screen when you press the center of the joystick. While pictures are input from the DV terminal, the TV aspect will not change even if you change the setting for [TV ASPECT] in the [SETUP] menu.

2 Set [ADVANCED] >> [REC STDBY] >> [YES]. (Recorder)

3 Start playback. (Player)

4 Start recording. (Recorder) Move the joystick up to select [¥/;] icon.

CAUTION: Unauthorized exchanging and/or copying of copyrighted recordings may be copyright infringement.

5 Move the joystick up to select the [¥/;] icon again to stop recording. (Recorder)

6 Stop playback. (Player) ª To cancel the standby for recording

When the Camcorder is standby for recording, move the joystick down and select the [] icon.

Do not plug or unplug the DV cable during dubbing, or the dubbing may not be completed properly. If a picture (bilingual video, etc.) containing main sound and sub sound has been dubbed, select the desired sound by [SETUP] >> [AUDIO OUT] on playback.



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