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Before requesting repair (Problems and solutions)

Power/Body 1: The Camcorder power cannot be turned on.

charged? Use a fully charged battery.

operated. Insert the battery to the AC adaptor for 5 to 10 seconds. If the Camcorder still cannot be used, the battery is faulty.

viewfinder extended. 2: The Camcorder power is turned off automatically.

5 minutes, the power is automatically turned off to conserve battery life. To resume recording, turn the power back on. The power will not turn off automatically when the power save function is set to [OFF]. (-24-) 3: The Camcorder power does not stay on long enough.

power indication is flashing or the message “LOW BATTERY” is displayed, the battery has run down. Charge the battery or attach a fully charged battery. (-12-)

the Camcorder from a cold place into a warm place, condensation may occur inside it. If so, the power is turned off automatically, disabling all operations except for taking cassettes out. Wait until the condensation indication disappears. (-46-) 4: Battery runs down quickly.

AC adaptor. (-12-)

place? The battery is affected by ambient temperature. In cold places, the operating time of the battery becomes shorter.

limited life. If the operating time is still too short even after the battery is fully charged, depending on the usage, the battery has worn out and needs to be replaced. 5: The Camcorder cannot be operated though powered up. The Camcorder does not operate normally.

open the LCD monitor or extend the viewfinder.

[RESET] button. (-45-) If normal conditions are not restored yet, turn off the power. Then, about 1 minute later, turn on the power again.

6: The cassette cannot be removed.

opening the cassette cover? (-18-) Make sure that the battery and the AC adaptor are properly connected. (-12-)

battery and remove the cassette.

open it again. (-18-) 7: No operation other than cassette removal can be performed.

condensation indication disappears. (-46-)

Recording 1: Recording does not start although power is

supplied to the Camcorder and the cassette is correctly inserted.

the cassette open? If it is open (set to [SAVE]), recording cannot be performed. (-18-)


playback mode, recording cannot be performed. (-14-)

other than cassette removal can be performed when condensation occurs. Wait until the condensation indication disappears. (-46-)

open, the Camcorder may not operate normally. Close the cassette cover. (-18-) 2: The screen has changed suddenly. ([DEMO MODE] is on)

Recording mode, if you set [DEMO MODE] >> [ON] without inserting a cassette, the demonstration starts. For normal use, set this function to [OFF]. (-41-) 3: A cassette cannot be inserted.

condensation indication disappears. 4: Auto focus function does not work.

mode is selected, focus is automatically adjusted.

surroundings for which the auto focus does not operate correctly. (-49-) If so, use the manual focus mode to adjust the focus. (-33-)

Indications 1: A sentence is displayed in red in the screen center.

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