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2: The remaining tape time indication disappears.

4: Playback picture is not clear.

disappear temporarily during frame-by-frame playback or other operation. If you continue ordinary recording or playback, the indication is restored. 3: The remaining tape time Indication does not match the actual remaining tape time.

heads are dirty, playback image cannot be clear. Clean the heads by using the head cleaner for digital video (optional). (-46-)

may appear on the screen. Wipe the soil off the terminal with a soft cloth, and then connect the cable to the A/V terminal.

continuously recorded, the remaining tape time cannot be correctly displayed.

indication may show remaining tape time that is 2 to 3 minutes shorter than the actual remaining tape time. 4: The function indications such as the mode indication or the remaining tape time indication are not shown.

indications other than the tape running condition, warning, and date are not displayed.

Playback (Sound) 1: Sound is not played back from the built-in speaker of the Camcorder.

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    Is the volume too low? During playback, push the [sVOLr] lever to display the volume indication and adjust it. (-35-)

2: Different sounds are reproduced at the same time.

signal (copy guard) being recorded? When a protected picture is played back by the Camcorder, mosaic-like patterns appear on the picture.

Others 1: The indication disappears, the screen is frozen, or no operation can be performed.

power cannot be turned off, press the [RESET] button, or detach the battery or AC adaptor and then reattach it. Turn on the power again. If normal operation is still not restored, detach the power connected, and contact Panasonic. (-55-) 2: “PUSH THE RESET SWITCH” is displayed.

automatically detected. Remove the cassette for data protection and then press the [RESET] button with the boss A. The Camcorder will be activated.

[STEREO] and reproduced a picture containing the main sound and sub sound? Set to [L] to hear main sound, and set to [R] to hear the sub sound. (-41-)


Playback (Pictures) 1: Although the Camcorder is correctly connected

to a TV, playback images cannot be seen. The playback images are vertical.


Please read the operating instructions of your TV and select the channel that matches the input terminals used for the connection.

the setting to match the aspect ratio of the TV. [SETUP] >> [TV ASPECT] >> [16:9] or [4:3]. 2: Mosaic-pattern noise appears on images during cue or review playback.

power to the Camcorder is turned off automatically about 1 minute later.

indication may still appear repeatedly. If so, the Camcorder needs repair. Detach the power connected, and contact Panasonic. (-55-)

video systems. It is not a malfunction. 3: Horizontal stripes appear on images during cue and review playback.

the scene, but this is not a malfunction.



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