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Do not spray insecticides or volatile chemicals onto the Camcorder. If the Camcorder is sprayed with such

chemicals, the Camcorder body may become deformed and the surface finish may peel off. Do not keep rubber or plastic products in

contact with the Camcorder for a long time. When you use your Camcorder in a sandy or dusty place such as on a beach, do not let sand or fine dust get into the body and terminals of the Camcorder. Also, protect the Camcorder from getting wet. Sand or dust may damage the Camcorder or

cassette. (Care should be taken when inserting and removing a cassette.) If sea water splashes onto the Camcorder, wet

a soft cloth with tap water, wring it well, and use it to wipe the Camcorder body carefully. Then, wipe it again thoroughly with a soft dry cloth. While carrying the Camcorder, do not drop or bump it. A strong impact on the Camcorder may break its

housing, causing it to malfunction. Do not use benzine, paint thinner or alcohol for cleaning the Camcorder. Before cleaning, detach the battery or pull out

the AC Cable from the AC Jack. The Camcorder body may be discolored and the

surface finish may peel off. Wipe the Camcorder with a soft dry cloth to

remove dust and fingerprints. To remove stubborn stains, wring well a cloth that is soaked in a neutral detergent diluted with water and wipe the Camcorder with it. Afterwards, wipe it with a dry cloth. When you use a chemical dust cloth, follow the

instructions. Do not use this Camcorder for surveillance purposes or other business use. If you use the Camcorder for a long time, the

internal temperature increases and, consequently, this may cause malfunction. This Camcorder is not intended for business

use. When you are not going to use Camcorder for an extended time When storing the unit in a cupboard or a

cabinet, it is recommended that you put a desiccant (silica gel) in with it.

ª About the battery

The battery used in the Camcorder is a rechargeable lithium ion battery. This battery is susceptible to temperature and humidity, and the effect of temperature increases with increasing or decreasing temperature. In the low temperature range, the fully charged indication may not appear, or the low battery indication may appear about 5 minutes after the start of use. At high temperature, moreover, the protection function may work, disabling use of the Camcorder. Be sure to detach the battery after use. If the battery is left attached to the Camcorder, a

minute amount of current is consumed even when the Camcorder power is OFF. If the battery is left attached to the Camcorder for a long time, over-discharge takes place. The battery may become unusable after it is charged. The battery should be stored in a cool place free

from humidity, with as constant temperature as possible. (Recommended temperature: 15 oC to 25 oC (59 oF to 77 oF), Recommended humidity: 40% to 60%) Extremely high temperatures or low

temperatures will shorten the life of the battery. If the battery is kept in a high-temperature, high-

humidity, or oily-smoky places, the terminals may rust and cause malfunctions. To store the battery for a long period of time, we

recommend you charge it once every year and store it again after you have completely used up the charged capacity. Dust and other matter attached to the battery

terminals should be removed. Prepare spare batteries when going out for recording. Prepare batteries appropriate to 3 to 4 times the

period you are planning to record for. Cold places such as a ski resort, can shorten the period during which you can record for. If you drop the battery accidentally, check to see if the terminals are deformed. Attaching a deformed battery to the Camcorder

or AC adaptor may damage the Camcorder or AC adaptor. Do not throw old battery into fire. Heating a battery or throwing it into a fire may

result in an explosion. If the operating time is very short even after the battery has been recharged, the battery has worn out. Please purchase a new battery.



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