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TO AVOID SHOCK HAZARD ... Your Camcorder and power supply should not be exposed to rain or moisture. Do not connect the power supply or operate your Camcorder if it gets wet. Your Camcorder has been designed for outdoor use, however it is not designed to sustain direct exposure to water, rain, sleet, snow, sand, dust, or a direct splashing from a pool or even a cup of coffee. This action could permanently damage the internal parts of your Camcorder. Do not attempt to disassemble this unit. There are no user serviceable parts inside. Unplug your Camcorder from the power supply before cleaning.


DO NOT AIM YOUR CAMCORDER AT THE SUN OR OTHER BRIGHT OBJECTS DO NOT LEAVE THE CAMCORDER WITH THE EVF AIMED DIRECTLY AT THE SUN AS THIS MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE INTERNAL PARTS OF THE EVF DO NOT EXPOSE YOUR CAMCORDER TO EXTENDED HIGH TEMPERATURE ... Such as, in direct sunlight, inside a closed car, next to a heater, etc... This action could permanently damage the internal parts of your Camcorder. AVOID SUDDEN CHANGES IN TEMPERATURE ... If the unit is suddenly moved from a cold place to a warm place, moisture may form on the tape and inside the unit.

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAMCORDER OR THE POWER SUPPLY TURNED ON WHEN NOT IN USE. STORAGE OF YOUR CAMCORDER ... Store and handle your Camcorder in a manner that will not subject it to unnecessary movement (avoid shaking and striking). Your Camcorder contains a sensitive pick-up device which could be damaged by improper handling or storage. CARE TO CLEAN YOUR CAMCORDER ... Do not use strong or abrasive detergents when cleaning your Camcorder body. TO PROTECT THE LENS ... Do not touch the surface of the lens with your hand. Use a commercial Camcorder lens solution and lens paper when cleaning the lens. Improper cleaning can scratch the lens coating. TO PROTECT THE FINISH OF YOUR CAMCORDER ... Before handling your Camcorder, make sure your hands and face are free from any chemical products, such as suntan lotion, as it may damage the finish.

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    If you see this symbol- Information on Disposal in other Countries outside the European Union This symbol is only valid in the European Union. If you wish to discard this product, please contact your local authorities or dealer and ask for the correct method of disposal.


Battery pack (Lithium ion battery pack) Use the specified unit to recharge the battery pack. Do not use the battery pack with equipment other than the specified unit. Do not get dirt, sand, liquids, or other foreign matter on the terminals. Do not touch the plug terminals (i and j) with metal objects. Do not disassemble, remodel, heat or throw into fire. If any electrolyte should come into contact with your hands or clothes, wash it off thoroughly with water. If any electrolyte should come into contact with your eyes, never rub the eyes. Rinse eyes thoroughly with water, and then consult a doctor. 1.



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