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The scandalous making of the worst movie ever made.

So bad it’s creepy.

Creep! chronicles the outlandish story of director Argyle J. Nelson and his wife Shannon O’Neil and their audacious efforts to produce a monster movie in 1964. The result of those efforts was the obscure yet cultish film, The Creeping Terror. Considered to be the worst movie ever made, it also became one of the most mindboggling scams in the history of celluloid.

At first watch most viewers find many of the sequences in The Creeping Terror so unbelievably awful and ineptly executed that the movie transcends the scifi and horror genres and delves into the realm of comedy. But the story behind the film contains all of the elements of classic movie making that director A.J. Nelson would have killed to have in The Creeping Terror. Tales of sex, drugs, rape, money scams, high comedy, pedophilia, heartbreak, bank robberies, Nazism, missing persons, suicide, false identities, and ties to the Manson murders make Creep! a mesmerizing hit of the recession.

A.J. Nelson, aka Vic Savage, was a conartist looking to make a buck. Moviemaking was just one of his weapons of choice. But the methods to A.J.’s madness in creating The Creeping Terror make Ed Wood’s story seem trivial in comparison. Unlike Ed Wood, however, Creep! is told by the actual people who helped bring The Creeping Terror to life, for better or for worse.

But Creep! isn’t just a documentary recounting the desperate tales of A.J. Nelson by those who knew him best. The vision of Creep! director Pete Schuermann is to include recreations of these sensational stories portrayed by high caliber actors. These wouldn’t be typical recreations with voice over along the Ken Burns school of thought but rather elegantly produced scenes to set up the actual, and hilarious,

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