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footage from The Creeping Terror, also to be included in Creep! To summarize: a movie within a documentary about a feature film.

Creep! will explore Hollywood after the Golden Age of Cinema when America was deep into the Space Race and “drivein movies” had hit their peak in popularity. A time when production value was often a nonconcern and the allure of Hollywood success was undeniable, especially to A.J. Nelson. The magnitude of the scandal he concocted insures that Creep! will be seen as one of the landmark films about the business of show business.

The Vision

Creep! is a comedic and satirical look at the movie making process with an incredibly strong focus on the human element surrounding those caught up in that process as well as a biographical glimpse into the Creep himself, A.J Nelson. The goal of this project is to make something wholly ENTERTAINING for all viewers. Initially, the target audiences of Creep! will be movie buffs and bmovie fans. Comparable marketing strategies would be those used for Crumb, American Splendor, Ed Wood, Ghost World, and The Life and Death of Peter Sellers. Viable outlets for such a project include the film festival circuit, cable television, art house cinema runs, and eventual DVD distribution.


The documentary portion of Creep! will be comprised of interviews with those who were involved in the 1964 production of The Creeping Terror. The information gathered from these interviews will also be the basis for the narrative scenes to be shot later. Some members of the production, including A.J. Nelson, are no longer living. Those still living and willing to participate in the project include:

  • William Thourlby – star and financier of The Creeping Terror who finished the film when A.J.


  • Byrd Holland – star of The Creeping Terror

  • Alan Siliphant – screenwriter of The Creeping Terror

  • Lois Schwartz – director A.J. Nelson’s 1st wife

  • Becky Baltres sister of Shannon O’Neil

  • Melinda O’Neil – Shannon O’Neil’s daughter

  • Shane Ripley – son of A.J. Nelson and Shannon O’Neil

  • Michael and Harry Medved – authors and movie critics

  • Paul and Donna Parla – magazine writers

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